Social Service Scholarship

The Social Service Scholarship administered by National Council of Social Service, is awarded to outstanding individuals with a passion for social service and strong leadership qualities. Join us on an enriching journey and be empowered to drive positive change.

Make a positive change

There are diverse roles available for those seeking to make a meaningful impact on society. As a social service professional, you can contribute across 5 main social service areas:

5 Main Social Service

Scholars can look forward to engagement and networking sessions with sector leaders and social service professionals. You will also be given opportunities to develop your professional and leadership capabilities, and be equipped to make an impact in the social service sector.

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Qualifying Courses of Study
Scholarship Coverage

Eligibility Criteria

Full Term

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student at a local institution recognised by professional associations
  • Strong passion for helping those in need
  • Possess leadership qualities with good character and conduct
  • Excellent academic results with good co-curricular activities records
  • Currently not receiving any scholarships or sponsorships
  • Able to serve a bond period upon graduation

Mid Term

In addition to fulfilling the full-term scholarship eligibility
criteria, you should also meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed at least one academic semester of
  • Have at least one academic year remaining at point of
  • Possess good university results to date

Bond Duration


  • 4 years bond (Local studies)
  • 6 years bond (Overseas studies)


  • 3 years bond (Local studies)
  • 4 years bond (Overseas studies)

Application Period

Applications open twice a year, submit yours to begin your journey as a Social Service Scholar:

Application Periods

Apply Now

Please attach the Additional Question on Community Involvement document together with your Scholarship Application on Brightsparks website.

Read more on Social Service Scholarship FAQ.

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