How Sun Ray benefits social service agencies

Partner with NCSS to build leadership capabilities

As a strategic partner for social service agencies, we complement your existing effort to attract, develop and retain talent pipeline. We have deployed Sun Ray Leaders to near 50 social service agencies.

We work together with you to identify your agency’s staffing and manpower planning needs and, in consultation with you, select the right candidate for your agency. Candidates on Sun Ray will be deployed to different social service agencies to enable them to develop rich, cross-sector experience and exposure to build capabilities and capacity. Each secondment will last for 3 years, depending on the needs of the agency and the seniority of role. The length of posting will be mutually agreed between the social service agency and NCSS.

Through the scheme, we hope to build a closer network with social service agencies to facilitate better collaboration, sharing of good ideas and solutions within the social service eco-system.
If your agency is expanding or have critical or senior positions to fill, you can resource your manpower needs through the Sun Ray scheme. For more information, email us at

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