How Sun Ray Scheme Benefits Social Service Agencies

As a strategic partner to social service agencies (SSAs), we complement your existing efforts to attract, develop and retain talent. We work together with you on your agency’s manpower needs and select the right candidate in consultation with you. Sun Ray candidates will be deployed to different SSAs to enable them to develop rich, cross-agency experience. In turn, their exposure helps build capabilities and capacity in SSAs. Through the scheme, we hope to build a closer network among SSAs to facilitate better collaboration, and to share good ideas and solutions within the social service ecosystem.

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A Collaborative Approach

Together, we embark on a journey to address your agency's specific manpower requirements. In close consultation with you, we identify and select candidates whose potential is not only evident but also aligned with your needs. Sun Ray candidates are then thoughtfully deployed across different SSAs, enabling them to gain invaluable cross-agency experience. As they flourish, their diverse exposure contributes to building the capabilities and capacity of SSAs, which is pivotal for the growth of our sector.


Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Through this scheme, we aspire to foster a tighter-knit network among SSAs, promoting seamless collaboration. We aim to create a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas and sustainable solutions, enriching the social service eco-system and facilitating meaningful progress.


Let's Work Together

For more insights and information, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can contact us via email at Together, we can drive transformative change, making a substantial difference in the lives of those we serve. Your participation in the Sun Ray Scheme propels us toward a brighter, more inclusive future for the social service sector.

How does the Sun Ray Scheme benefit your agency?