The Team That Makes Lives Count
We're a group of like-minded individuals, who share a vision of empowering everyone to live with dignity. Together, we make lives count.
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The Team That Makes Lives Count

Watch how Social Service Professionals work together to empower the lives of others.


Together, we serve 5 main social service areas.


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Social Service Tribe

Comprising of career dialogues, internships and learning journeys, the Tribe Experience is offered to students so they may gain first-hand perspectives about working in the sector.

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Leadership Schemes in Social Service

National Council of Social Service

Find out what attributes and leadership competencies are expected in our future-ready social service leaders to be equipped with.

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A Peek into Becoming a Job Coach

by APSN Centre for Adults (CFA)

A Job Coach at APSN CFA matches our clients with Mild Intellectual Disability who are job-ready with suitable employment opportunities.

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Our hearts unite us. Our values keep us going.

Compassion set each of us on our paths. But it's the resilience and integrity we share that helps us overcome everyday challenges in helping communities in need.

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Embark on a career that will challenge you in ways few others can.

Explore our career guide to understand the different roles in Social Work, Education, Therapy, Psychology, Youth Work, Counselling, Corporate Services and Management, and how you can acquire the right skills to get there.

Whether you’re still in school or have just graduated, learn how you can drive positive change.

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