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Social Service Tribe Sticker Pack
by Social Service Tribe
Published on 15/03/21

Download Guide
Download the Social Service Tribe sticker pack and share it on your Instagram Stories and Messaging Apps with your friends.

Step 1. Click on Download Link.
Step 2. Prompted to add sticker on Telegram.
Step 3. Click "Add Sticker" and you will be notified that the Sticker Pack has been added.
Step 4. Sticker Pack is now accessible on Telegram.

Step 1. Click on Download Link.
Step 2. Click "Get Stickers".
Step 3. Prompted to download " App" (Skip to Step 5 if you already have the app.)
Step 4. Download the " App". Go back to Download Link to click "Get Stickers".
Step 5. Click "Add to WhatsApp".
Step 6. Approve Sticker Pack to be added on to WhatsApp.
Step 7. Screen will show that Sticker Pack has been added.
Step 8. Sticker Pack is now accessible on Whatsapp.

Wherever there is a GIF/Giphy function, type in eg."SocialServiceTribe" or "social service".
The Social Service Tribe GIFs should appear in app with the correct tags.





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