Our Services
Together, we empower the vulnerable to lead dignified lives.
We endeavour to serve to the best of our abilities for those who put their trust in us. We act as catalysts of change that start the transformation journey. Our Tribe is diverse and progressive in nature like the communities we serve. Whatever role each of us may play, together we support people in need across five main social service areas.

Our five main social service areas:

Disabilities & Special Needs

We understand that differently abled people have different needs. Which is why we’re constantly innovating our solutions to better serve those needs – maximising the potential of the vulnerable with services like education, new skills development, the enhancement of their psychological well-being and more.


Children & Youth

We recognise every child and youth has true potential. As such, we plan our programmes with an emphasis on developing their social and decision-making skills and more, providing them with equal opportunities and the means to achieve their fullest potential.

Mental Health

We work with persons with mental health concerns to integrate into the community to cope better in life. A spectrum of rehabilitation and support and support services to enable people with mental health concerns and their caregivers is available on hand.


We empower seniors to lead their lives with dignity and remain integrated within the community, through resources and opportunities that enhances their social support network and encourages community participation.


We support families to be stable and healthy through various initiatives that connect them to resources and enhance their participation at the workplace and community to improve self-reliance.