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6 Social Service Jobs Where You Can Use Your Skill
by Social Service Tribe
20 Aug 2020
Carving out a career which allows you to impact the lives of those who need it most, instead of settling for the typical 9 to 5 – sound like a job prospect that’s right down your alley? From Human Resources or Information Technology to Marketing and Communications, the world of social service features myriad roles that require varying skill sets so all ages and backgrounds can play a crucial part.

On top of being a meaningful industry where people across different specialisations can explore potential careers in, Singapore’s social service sector drives positive change and empowers those who are vulnerable. Here are 6 social service job specialisations where you can use your skills from various fields to join an industry which serves as a catalyst for social change:

1. Fundraising
Image credit: Social Service Tribe
Social Service Agencies require a budget to put their efforts to drive positive change into action. Taking on the role of Fundraising Representative requires not only an analytical mind but one that’s able to come up with innovative ideas as well. 

Regular brainstorming of fundraising initiatives will be on the agenda, along with the actual implementation so that your strategies come to life. Interpersonal skills are also a must, as you’ll be forging a base of fundraisers and maintaining positive relationships with the relevant donors. 

Some examples of the roles and responsibilities of Fundraising Representative jobs:
  • Maintain fundraising base and builds on existing relationships with donors and supporters. 
  • Assist in formulating, developing and implementing fundraising strategies, as well as to improve the effectiveness of existing operations.
  • Oversee corporate fundraising, including employee giving and match giving from employers

2. Human Resources
Image credit: Social Service Tribe
If you consider yourself a real people person, taking on a Human Resources role will enable you to fully maximise your valuable social skills. Recruiting the key personnel of an organisation is all the more satisfying when you know that each person who walks through the door holds the same values of helping others as you do. 

Apart from hiring social service practitioners, you’ll also help to strategise the growth and development of the company. A thriving company is made possible by happy, healthy and hardworking staff, something HR reps strive to inculcate through work-life balance training and welfare schemes. 

Some examples of the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources Representative jobs:
  • Understanding the organisation’s needs so as to recruit the right people for the job.
  • Assist in fostering employee relationships, manage payroll and facilitate organisational growth.
  • Implement programmes to help with training and development of staff

3. Marketing and Communications
Image credit: Social Service Tribe
Mass communications qualifications are wildly popular among those who love creative expression. Channel that unbridled energy into social service as a dedicated Marketing and Communications Representative, tasked to conceptualise campaigns to spread the good word. 

Whether it’s written work, visual arts, web media or outdoor advertising, your mission is to invoke awareness and positive branding for the company. The hands-on role allows you to not only birth the overarching ideas but the marketing content and collateral as well. 

Some examples of the roles and responsibilities of Communications and Marketing Representative jobs:
  • Develop and support initiatives from conceptualisation, execution to result analysis for the organisation, including media management and press releases
  • Assist in developing collaterals and content for both public, organisation programmes and fundraising campaigns.
  • Engaging the community and serve as a liaison to community partners and service providers.

4. Volunteering Management
Image credit: Social Service Tribe
It’s no secret that social service organisations are supported by the manpower contributions of volunteers. Volunteer Managers and Executives are crucial as they keep tabs on recruitment, engagement and retention of these volunteers, delicately balancing the supply and demand flow of manpower. 

Not everyone is equipped to delve into volunteering from the get-go, so your job will also include the implementation of an all-encompassing training framework to ensure that volunteers are ever-prepared in whatever situation they’re faced with. 

Some examples of the roles and responsibilities of Volunteering Management Representative jobs:
  • Recruit, engage, retain and manage volunteers for the organisation.
  • Work closely with various departments to develop volunteer opportunities, programmes and the execution of its activities.
  • Develop volunteer engagement framework, handbook, guidelines and other relevant and supporting collateral.

5. Information Technology


Image credit: Social Service Tribe

Here’s where the tech experts get to flex their enviable IT know-how. Working in the Information Technology department within a social service agency, you’ll constantly be on the lookout for technological advancements or digital trends that’ll give the organisation a relevant edge. 

Whether it’s a new software development or the digitisation of key procedures, an added technological boost could always benefit the sector and fast-track the meaningful work that they do. 

Some examples of the roles and responsibilities of Information Technology Representative jobs:
  • Identify new trends and technology that can benefit the organisations’ services and programmes.
  • Advise and provide consultation/training on IT matters to fellow social service professionals.

6. Administration
Image credit: Social Service Tribe
Never underestimate the work of Administration Staff, front-liners who keep everything in check by staying on top of the nitty-gritty details. This is an ideal occupation for those who have a knack for keeping things organised, whether it’s with plans and schedules or keeping real-life environments spick and span. 

If you can relate, a role in administration would be a perfect fit. Attend to operational matters within a company – big or small – and facilitate a conducive workspace for the rest of the organisation.

Some examples of the roles and responsibilities of Administration Representative jobs:
  • Provide operational and general administrative support to the organisation and social service professionals.
  • Keeping and collation of organisation’s data to generate timely reports.
  • Coordinate all matters related to facilities, equipment, office supplies and housekeeping.

Social service career opportunities
These positions are worth exploring for anyone looking to join the sector – whether you’re a fresh grad launched into the deep end of the job market or a seasoned professional eyeing a career change to utilise existing skill sets in an industry which impacts the lives of others. You can also take a look at these salary guidelines to get a gauge of remuneration within the industry.

Utilising your educational background as well as relevant skill sets acquired along the way, each of these designations allow you to make a positive impact on society – bringing meaning to your work.

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