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Children & Youth, Disabilities & Special Needs, Families, Mental Health, Seniors
22 Dec 2020
Comprising of career dialogues, internships and learning journeys, the Tribe Experience is offered to students so they may gain first-hand perspectives about working in the sector. These are some of the experiences social service interns have picked up during their tenure at social service agencies.
An Opportunity to Work with Clients in Person
“Initially, I was nervous about working with clients whom I had no prior interactions with. But my internship turned out to be such a life-changing and fun experience that I realised the worry was almost unfounded! Not only was working with clients of different backgrounds interesting, but my colleagues were also tremendously patient in guiding me throughout my journey. I love the interaction I get with the clients because it is the most meaningful way to touch the hearts of the people and change their lives.”
 – Tee Xiao Xuan Sandra, Programmes Intern, YWCA
Challenges Deepen Your Experience

“While there are limits to the help I can provide to our clients, I believe that playing a small role in making their lives a little better makes it all worthwhile. Whether it’s planning activities for the elderly or delivering meals to the vulnerable, it is inspiring to know that we can be a small light in their darkness. Thank you, YWCA, for the opportunity to learn and giving me such an enriching internship!”
– Clara Tan Si Min, Community Outreach Assistant, YWCA
You Grow as a Person

“When presented with tough situations, it’s important to cultivate patience and empathy. This enables you to place yourself in the shoes of others and gain a deeper understanding of their plights, and how you may help them. These traits have not just helped to shape my character, but also enabled me to grow as an individual and are qualities that I will carry with me through life.”
– Lim Yin Ning, Study Buddy Intern, CampusImpact
Guidance and Support are Aplenty

“My internship experience requires me to plan and run activities with students from difference backgrounds. I was paired with a mentor who was incredibly patient. She supported me through my orientation and imparted invaluable skills and knowledge about how I could help the clients in a kind and compassionate manner. Her constant reassurance and sound advice filled my internship with personal growth and joy. Thank you CampusImpact for the opportunity to work with such amazing children and seeing them progress!”
– R.Sri Vigneshwar, Programme Intern, CampusImpact
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