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It takes a tribe to make lives count
by Social Service Tribe
04 Apr 2019
As a group of like-minded individuals, Social Service Professionals work as one tribe to empower people to live with dignity every day.  

Through their passion and relevant skills, each is able to make a difference across 5 service areas: Disabilities & Special Needs, Children & Youth, Mental Health, Seniors, and Families. But to truly impact the lives of others, Social Service Professionals find it most rewarding to work hand-in-hand with the people who share their vision – no matter their service area or job title.  

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, they can pool their resources and talent to create the best possible outcomes for those in need. Here, Social Service Professionals share the importance of teamwork, and why it takes a tribe to truly make lives count.
Angeline Yeat, Job Coach at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
“We use a trans-disciplinary approach in special education schools where everybody who works with the students (ie. Allied Health Professionals, Teachers, Teacher Aides, Job Coaches, Social Workers) have regular meetings to discuss their concerns about the students. They help to remind me that each achievement by our students, no matter how small, is worth celebrating. [In particular] I always feel inspired by people who have been in social service for at least 10 years; the passion that they have is really admirable.”
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Daryl Tan, Social Worker at Singapore Children’s Society
“As I progressed [in my career], I learnt how every role in the sector is important to the industry – from administration and fundraising to corporate communication, everyone plays a part in making sure that good quality services are delivered to those who need them. Only through collaboration can we achieve that. Everyone in my team makes my work a little easier because we all have mutual respect for one another and a similar sense of humour. We have each other’s back.”


Joan Chia, Speech and Language Therapist at AWWA
“I am very fortunate to work alongside other professionals on my team – Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Psychologists and more. I learn from past experiences through constant reflection. Providing emotional support within the team is important; being open and sharing our success and failures have helped the team to move forward.”


Jesslyn Wu, Senior Manager, Programmes and Volunteer Management at RSVP Singapore
“Whenever there’s a new project, there will be planning and distribution of work to colleagues from other departments so that there’s exposure to different scopes of work. It also helps that my colleagues are all approachable and helpful. If additional help or resources are required, we just need to ‘shout out’ and help will come. When we are tired from work, we gather to have a chat or organise food gatherings after work to keep our spirits up. We play hard and work hard too!”


Aren Tang, Assistant Manager, Volunteer Management,
Strategy & Development Division at Trybe Limited

“My colleagues are indispensable. As a team, it’s easy to bounce off ideas and provide each other with multiple perspectives of the different operations within the organisation. Despite working in different departments, there’s a sense of like-mindedness as we work together towards a shared goal.”
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If you’re keen to work with other like-minded professionals as part of a fulfilling career, 
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