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Total Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Programme


Every organisation strives to create and provide a better working environment and improve the health and well-being of their employees. The Total WSH by Tripartite Alliance for Workplace Safety and Health (TAFEP) is a programme that guides employers in managing safety and health in an integrated way and to educate employees on how to better take care of their safety and health through modular activity packages.



Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) Programme


Have you ever wondered how organisations stay healthy, productive and engaged? The WOW Programme by Health Promotion Board (HPB) supports all private organisations towards this goal with a specially curated package just for you! Workplace Health Promotion offerings such as General Workplace Health Programmes, chronic disease health screening & health coaching along with other HPB programmes for workplace can be brought directly to your company’s doorstep!



iWorkHealth Assessment Tool 


Do you want to find out how your employees are coping mentally at work? Try iWorkHealth – an online, self-administered psychosocial health assessment tool by Ministry of Manpower for companies and their employees to identify common workplace stressors.



Caring for Social Service Professionals (Caring for SSPs) - Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Scheme


Providing the best care and support to beneficiaries and clients is not an easy task, it may lead to stress or burnouts. To prevent this, channels that help employees to care for themselves must be readily available. Caring for Social Service Professionals is one scheme that can help! The funding covers 90% of the costs of counselling sessions for social service professionals. Keen to find out more? Do contact sector_manpower@ncss.gov.sg for more information. 



Tenang Wellness Retreat for Social Service Professionals




Thinking of letting your employees go on a short break or retreat but don’t know where to start? You may check out Tenang, a 3D2N Wellness Retreat for Social Service Professionals by Kampung Siglap. Through structured sessions and practice using techniques taught by experts in the field of caregiving and stress, this programme is created for social service professionals to help them develop their resilience and awareness of burnout.



Sabbatical Leave Scheme (SLS)


If you noticed that some of your employees are experiencing a burnout or going through a period of extreme stress, you may consider offering SLS to your employees. SLS aims to provide social service professionals the opportunity to recharge themselves through 10 weeks of paid leave with salary support of up to $15,000.



Master Course on Mental Health


Employee wellness has become a global priority due to the pandemic, the rapid pace of change and workplace pressures. HR professionals are expected to take the lead in addressing wellbeing as part of their HR strategy. The Master Course on Mental Health teaches HR professionals how employee well-being is linked to talent engagement and retention, unpacks workplace well-being topics and guides HR professionals in building a holistic workplace well-being strategy through a people, culture and infrastructure approach.



Managing Your Workforce Beyond COVID-19


There have been many changes in the workforce since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and some may it find difficult to keep up with these changes. If your agency is one of them, this guidebook is a resource that helps your agency to manage evolving workforce needs. Refer to this guide on manpower and workforce management for social service professionals to find out more about:


• Pulse surveys

• Augmenting manpower with volunteers

• Implementing flexible work schedule

• Redeploying employees to meet changing business needs



TAFEP Guidelines


Want to find the most suitable flexible work arrangements based on your organisation’s and employees' needs? Find out more on TAFEP’s guidance on Flexible Work Arrangements. There are also different Leave Schemes you can offer to your employees. For more guidance on how you can support your employees’ mental well-being, check out this Mental Advisory.