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A Therapeutic Change
Pauline Koh
Senior Physiotherapist, SPD (formally known as Society for the Physically Disabled)
Published on 27/02/19
Meet Pauline, a Physiotherapist at SPD. She empowers her differently-abled clients, helping manage their conditions so that they can lead their lives independently. This is her story. 

“As a Physiotherapist, I help my clients manage their conditions so that they will have the confidence to live a normal and independent life. At the same time, I also do my best to champion their inclusiveness into society. We don’t seem to be as inclusive as we would like to be – not because we don’t want to, but because we lack the knowledge. For example, instructors at the gymnasiums may sincerely wish to help people with disabilities. But due to a lack of exposure in this field, these instructors may end up hindering their visits to the gyms instead. So, knowledge is key to society’s acceptance of these differently-abled individuals.

Why did I choose the social service sector? I’ll say my dad has a lot to do with it. He was my role model. When I was young, he kept telling us that we must look out for the less fortunate. So, growing up, my ideal job was one that would allow me to help people on a regular basis.

Why Physiotherapy? I think it was due to my athletics background. Being an athlete, I have always been interested in biomechanics and human movement. Besides, I wanted something that keeps me on my feet all the time. After I made my decision, I took up the NCSS Social Service Scholarship as I knew there was a great demand for local therapists within the social service sector, since most local therapists were working in hospitals then (8 years ago).

Looking back, I have no regrets. I still remember how one of my young clients used to be fearful of leaving her house alone because of her medical condition. But she’s back to her tertiary studies now, travelling to and from school on her own. She is more independent and actively working towards a goal to help others later. When I see my clients regain their confidence in life, it is rewarding and a huge inspiration to see the positive change in them."

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Norieta B Galuga (left) and Eloise Lie (right) guide a senior through her therapy session.