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Being a part of meaningful work.
Rebecca Ng
Speech-Language Therapist, NULL
Published on 03/04/19
Meet Rebecca Ng, a Speech-Language Therapist, whose interest in working with children and being part of meaningful work led her to join the social service. This is her story. 

What sparked your interest in social service?

Being in the social service means I get to work with people in the community, especially those families and children that really need the support and services. Furthermore, I have always known that I wanted to work with children, and being in the social service makes it all the more meaningful.

Why did you choose your particular specialisation? 

There was something that stirred within me when I saw what a Speech-Language Therapist did whilst working with a child who had difficulties communicating. I was excited to see how small progresses were huge achievements to these children and their families.

What are some challenges you face at work? 

Challenges appear constantly in many different forms. It could be a child that has complex needs making it difficult to prioritise, or having different opinions from the parents and slowly working them out together. I always bear in mind that challenges shape character and teaches me humility in all that I do. Reminding myself to slowly work through the situation objectively helps me as well!

What kind of qualities should social service professionals possess? 

Compassion for others and resilience. Having a heart to help others is definitely one of the biggest driving forces when working in the community. It will help keep your feet grounded when times get tough. Resilience is also needed as the social service is constantly going through changes and may need you to be adaptable to them.

What advice would you give to those who are exploring careers in the social service? 

Talk to different professionals to find out more about their experiences. Also, go organise observations for yourself in the different settings (e.g. hospitals, special schools, therapy hubs). This may give you a clearer idea if a future in the social service is for you!

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