Our Story
Empowering Youths
Joyce Nathaniel Lim
Head of Youth Services
Published on 08/09/23

Joyce, the Head of Youth Services at New Life Community Services, plays a pivotal role in empowering youths and youth workers to make a difference to their future.


Together with her colleagues, they strive to create a safe environment for their clients, particularly youths and youth workers, to be authentic and unleash their potential in achievement. 

A Journey of Discovery and Transformation

As a freelancer of organising youth camps, Joyce felt that these fleeting encounters were not enough to create lasting impacts on the young minds she touched. Determined to make a profound difference, she pursued a Masters in Counselling, equipping herself with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. 

The path to becoming a youth mentor was not known to her until a friend, who worked in the sector, recognised her potential and encouraged her to give it a try. This proved to be a turning point, leading her to grow both personally and professionally to the role of Head of Youth Services. 

Creating a Safe Haven for Youths to Thrive

At New Life Community Services, Joyce’s days are bustling with meetings alongside the youth team leaders to prepare for various programmes and hub operations. Together with her colleagues, she strives to create a safe environment where youths can be authentic and unleash their full potential. By focusing on social emotional learning, they ensure that each youth receives the support and encouragement they need to flourish.

Apart from working closely with her colleagues from Casework & Counselling, and Student Care Services, she had worked with external stakeholders such as the Institute of Higher Learning (IHLs), school counsellors, social workers from other social service agencies, youth and their parents. This ensures that their programs are seamlessly executed and tailored to the needs of the youths they serve. 

As the Head of Youth Services, she would train youth workers to be equipped with the appropriate skill sets in mentoring youths with social emotional issues to master life transitions and reaching their fullest potential. This allows her to support and witness the growth and achieved milestones by the youths. 

Despite her leadership role, she dedicates valuable time at the hub, engaging with the youths to stay current with their trends and interests. This hands-on approach allows her to lead with genuine empathy and understanding. 

Crucial Qualities for a Youth Worker

“Before one could impact a life, the person will have to feel understood and cared for.” 

According to Joyce, passion alone is not enough to be an effective youth worker. Listening skills and empathy are crucial qualities that allow clients to feel heard, understood, and loved during interactions. Building a strong rapport through empathy opens the door for positive values and habits to take root in the youths' lives. 

A Heartfelt Support System

Joyce cherishes the support she receives from her colleagues, family and friends. Surrounded by fun, goofy and passionate colleagues who share her love for youths, she finds joy and reassurance in the knowledge that she can rely on them during challenging times. 

Her friends and families were initially apprehensive about her decision to work in the social service sector. However, witnessing her growth and fulfilment in her role, they eventually became her biggest supporters, offering their support through monetary efforts whenever there were donation drives. 

By making a difference among the youths, Joyce believes that every interaction can make a small contribution to their future as it can make a difference in their growth and positively impacts the future generations. Joyce felt that as a Head of Youth Service, her journey has been enriching and it highlights the significance of making a meaningful contribution to the social service sector. 

A role of social worker is one of many in Social Service. To find out more, read about a career in social work at https://www.ncss.gov.sg/social-service-tribe/careerdetail/social-work.


Joyce in a work discussion with her fellow co-workers.