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Adding Value With Transferable Skills
Raymond Chan
Senior Social Service Assistant, AMKFSC Community Services
Published on 26/10/21

The desire for a more fulfilling career encouraged Raymond Chan to make a mid-career switch into social service. He is now a Senior Social Service Assistant at AMKFSC Community Services, handling staff-related matters and processes.


Skills that go far

After having been in other industries for most of his working life, Raymond Chan decided that it was time to step out of his comfort zone and make a mid-career switch into social service. The time he spent volunteering in the community, along with his own personal experiences, had stoked his interest to learn more about social service, and the fact that he had no prior experience or related qualifications did not deter him. He knew that he could contribute in areas where his previously gained skills would prove useful. “I am fortunate to have experienced working in different industries and am grateful that my employers, both past and present, provided me with platforms and learning opportunities to develop and progress. Even though the learning curves were steep, the skillset acquired during my time in one industry prepared me to be able to move onto the next,” he reveals.

Playing a part in making an impact

A couple of years in, Raymond has no regrets about joining social service. “When I hear success stories of those whom we have helped in getting their lives back on track, it is an affirmation that the choice I made was the correct one. The sense of gratification in this line of work outweighs the tangibles in my former jobs,” he shares. 

Raymond provides administrative and operational support at AMKFSC Community Services, a social service agency that serves the needs of the community through a diverse range of services and programmes. He works closely with the head of the agency as well as departments such as Human Resource and Finance on staff-related matters. He is also in constant touch with administrative colleagues from other branches to exchange ideas on how processes can be streamlined. “My fellow colleagues within the agency as well as external partners were genuine and warm in welcoming me into the family. They taught me by sharing their experiences and guided me with a hands-on approach. We are able to complement each other in our respective roles, to achieve common goals,” he says.   

A support system to rely on

Raymond is grateful for his wife, who was very understanding during his career switch. She herself is considering a switch into social service, and their son is currently in the midst of pursuing an education in Psychology with a scholarship. Having family members who share a common interest has given Raymond motivation and mental strength for his journey. On that note, he assures others considering a career in social service that they will never feel alone, thanks to a like-minded community and various forms of support available. “Moreover, it is a very broad field that offers a wide variety of roles for people who are dedicated to positively impacting others,” he adds.  

Going forward, Raymond wishes to stay committed to consistent self-development and hopes to pursue further educational opportunities.   

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Raymond works closely and is constantly in touch with his colleagues to exchange ideas.