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Empowering Caregivers
Zhi Fan
Human Resource/ Admin Executive, Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)
Published on 14/12/21

Through social service, Zhi Fan tapped on his desire to help others. He works as a Human Resource and Admin Executive at Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL).


Enabling caregivers to cope

Zhi Fan decided to join social service because he believed that this was a field where he could empower others, even in the smallest of ways. In his case, this rings true on multiple levels because the clients that his workplace helps are caregivers of individuals with mental health concerns. “What I like most about my job is that I am working in an organisation which is contributing to the society and helping others. We give our clients the courage and knowledge to handle their daily lives. They appreciate the fact that there is a place like CAL where they can share their caregiving journey,” he says. He fondly recalls the time he felt a sense of achievement after supporting participants at one of CAL’s many classes for caregivers. 

Day-to-day impact

In his role, Zhi Fan takes care of HR-related matters while also enabling his organisation to function well by providing day-to-day administrative and logistical support as well as the planning of learning and development initiatives. “I get to interact with people from all walks of life including fellow colleagues, clients, external vendors, hospital staff and members of the public who have queries,” he adds. Having had no prior experience in social service prior to his current stint, Zhi Fan excels in all his tasks thanks to the guidance from his colleagues and supervisors who have always been by his side.

Bringing about change

On the key qualities required to work in social service, Zhi Fan finds optimism and patience important. “Social service professionals need to be optimistic about the positive changes they can achieve, but need to be patient as these changes take time,” he shares. Going forward, he intends to take up basic counselling courses to improve his communication skills, so that he can contribute more to the community.    

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Zhi Fan interacting with his colleagues at Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL).