Support for caregivers: A key service priority area for NCSS

Caregiver support is one of the key service priorities of NCSS. Aligned with this service priority, Minister of State (MOS) Ms Low Yen Ling shared 3 caregiver support initiatives led by NCSS and our partners during the Motion on Singapore Women’s Development. Through these initiatives, we hope to create an ecosystem of holistic support for caregivers and strengthen their access to available resources within the community. View MOS Ms Low’s speech during the Motion.

Launch of caregiver support networks across 6 pilot sites 

One of the initiatives is the pilot of WIN Caregivers Network - a community-based peer support network where NCSS has been partnering People’s Association and Caregivers Alliance Limited, to create an ecosystem of holistic support for caregivers and strengthen their access to available resources within the community.
The pilot was officially launched by Senior Minister of State (SMS) for Sustainability and the Environment and Transport, Dr Amy Khor, who is the Adviser to PA WIN Council, Dr Amy Khor on 10 April 2022 and will focus on caregivers of persons with mental health conditions for a start before expanding to more caregiver groups and other regions in Singapore. The 6 pilot sites are: Henderson Dawson, Bukit Gombak, Hong Kah North, Tampines Central, Nee Soon East and Fengshan. 

Through WIN Caregivers Network, we aim to:

  • Proactively reach out to caregivers, train and connect them to a support network of caregivers and volunteers
  • Bridge the gap between caregivers and service providers, thus reducing barriers for caregivers in accessing services 
  • Create a sustainable network of support for caregivers in the community

How can I help or refer caregivers?

Reach out to the following contacts if you know of any caregivers or volunteers who are keen to join us in this network.

If you know of any caregivers caring for persons with mental health conditions, you can direct them to Caregivers Alliance Limited or email at

Interested volunteers in supporting our caregivers (can be from any region) can contact

icon The Caregiver Community Lab

icon Alliance for Action for Caregivers of Persons with Disabilities

Caregiving support

Caregiving can be challenging, but it is also greatly fulfilling. There are community support and resources to help caregivers and care recipients on their caregiving journey. 

Enabling Masterplan 2017–2021: Caring Nation, Inclusive Society

The Enabling Masterplan is a five-year roadmap that guides the building of a more inclusive society. The 3rd Enabling Masterplan will guide initiatives for the period 2017-2021, building on the progress of the 2nd Enabling Masterplan (2012- 2016) in fostering a caring and inclusive society for persons with disabilities. Find out more about the recommendations by the Steering Committee for the 3rd Enabling Masterplan announced on 20 Dec 2016.

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