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Be inspired by these SG Cares photo stories that spotlight the strength of regular and long term volunteer partnerships in the social service sector.

Singapore Volunteer Management Conference

Volunteers from large corporations, small and medium enterprises, public agencies, schools, and grounds-up groups are united in dedicating their time meaningfully to causes they believe in. What cause will you champion?


Investing in the Community

APSN Katong School & Barclays
Barclays employees serve as Physical Education (PE) buddies, supporting students with special needs at APSN Katong School.

"This structured volunteering programme provided the opportunity for students to interact with the volunteers during Physical Education lessons. Together, they participated in endurance-building activities, relay and ball games, where students improve interpersonal skills, develop physical fitness and experience joy." - Sam Lee, APSN Katong School, 3 Acting HOD (Student-Management, PE, CCA)


Travelling the Extra Mile

SPD & Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Volunteers from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) assisting SPD service users in experiencing outings using public transportation.

"Due to our busy schedules and lifestyle, we tend to overlook those in need and take things for granted. I've learnt to be more considerate and mindful towards those who really need our help in society." - Steve Sim, Volunteer, LTA


Friendship Knows No Age

Lions Befrienders & Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
ACS (I) students volunteering as befrienders to seniors in need supported by Lions Befrienders.

"We learnt that inside the heart of every senior, there is a younger spirit dwelling within that is always reaching out and always optimistic." - Ryan Soh, Student Volunteer, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)


Fighting for Hope

Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) & Richard Wee & Friends
Richard Wee and his friends from martial arts class volunteer with the Children's Cancer Foundation, designing Funfit classes to enhance the motor skills and confidence of children recovering from cancer.

"The kids are full of life and every moment spent with them is worth it. They are all the motivation one needs. For me, it's not them needing us but us needing them to bring out the child in us." - Manoranjan Mishra, Volunteer


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SG Cares Photostories Book
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Corporate volunteering made easy

SG Cares
Corporate volunteering boosts team morale and fosters a more supportive workplace culture.

Regular volunteers as a strategic resource

SG Cares
Effective volunteer management practices amplify the impact of regular volunteers, within social service agencies.

An Inclusive Singapore

SG Cares
Let's contribute to a cause greater than ourselves. Join us in creating an inclusive community where everyone is embraced.


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SG Cares

SG Cares Original Unveiling: A Remarkable Launch Celebration!

On 13 January 2018, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong inaugurated SG Cares at Our Tampines Hub. The event was additionally graced by Minister Grace Fu, Minister Desmond Lee, Minister Heng Swee Kiat, and Ex-Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, marking the launch of the SG Cares App. The invited guests had also visited the "A Good Thing" exhibition, highlighting the altruistic efforts of everyday heroes.

Singapore Cares (SG Cares) is a national movement launched in 2017 to build a more caring and inclusive home for all. The movement invites all Singaporeans and people who live in Singapore to put values into action through active volunteerism, ground-up efforts, and everyday acts of care. As part the SG Cares community network, companies, social service organisations, schools and grassroots organisations, are able to collaborate and contribute to caring, so as to make lasting changes in the lives of others, and causes that they believe in.

A key initiative under the SG Cares movement is the appointment of SG Cares Volunteer Centres (VCs) across the 24 towns in Singapore to match interested volunteers and contributors to community needs. The SG Cares Volunteer Centres provide a convenient way for Singaporeans to contribute as volunteers in their community, enabled by the SG Cares Community Networks.

If you are interested to volunteer in your community, get in touch with one of the SG Cares Volunteer Centre.

"A Good Thing" Exhibition

Experience the heartwarming stories and the spirit of volunteerism that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong witnessed during his visit to the "A Good Thing" Exhibition.

A Good Thing Exhibition - SG Cares
Source: Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong visiting the "A Good Thing" exhibition.


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