Volunteering Opportunities

For volunteering opportunities, please visit Giving.sg for more details.

Corporate Volunteering Reimagined

At NCSS, we encourage corporate and group volunteers to participate in regular volunteerism, fostering sustainable impact in the social service sector. Beyond meeting the needs of Social Service Agencies (SSAs), your commitment enhances community engagement and uplifts the quality of life for service users.

Benefits Beyond Boundaries

Discover the dual rewards of regular volunteering! Studies reveal that consistent volunteering not only motivates employees but also boosts team morale and strengthens team bonds. Your collective efforts create a positive ripple effect, fostering a culture of compassion and unity.

Starting Your Volunteering Journey

Corporate and group volunteers can initiate a transformative volunteering partnership with SSA by following the comprehensive steps outlined in the diagram below. For detailed insights, download our Corporate Volunteerism Guide and Guide on Service-based Volunteering Partnership Models.

Ready to start your corporate volunteering journey? Contact Community Chest at ncss_comchest@ncss.gov.sg.

Corporate Volunteering

Source: Corporate Volunteerism Guide and Guide on Service-based Volunteering Partnership Models.

Corporate Volunteering Made Easy

Watch our video for tips on convenient and accessible corporate volunteering.


Inspiring Partnership Stories

Immerse yourself in stories of regular and sustainable volunteer partnerships in the social service sector. Listen to the experiences of volunteers at both large corporations and small-medium enterprises who have dedicated their time meaningfully.

Create Your Volunteering Legacy

For diverse volunteering opportunities, visit giving.sg.

Corporate Volunteering, Changi Airport Group

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