Why Volunteer?

People volunteer for various reasons. For some, it is an opportunity to give back to the community or make a positive impact on those around them. For others, it's a chance to develop new skills, enhance existing experiences, make new friends, and forge closer bonds with the community. Regardless of the motivation, many express that volunteering is both challenging and rewarding.

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Volunteers are an important and invaluable resource for social service agencies (SSAs), enhancing their manpower. Whether offering support to professional staff or directly engaging with service users, volunteers significantly contribute to providing better services and assistance to those in need.

Types of Volunteering

There are three ways to volunteer:

Types of Volunteerism Diagram

Why Be a Regular Volunteer?

Volunteers play a crucial role in integrating service users into the community, ultimately improving their quality of life.

At NCSS, we encourage both corporate and individual volunteers to engage in regular and longer-term volunteerism. According to the NCSS Quality of Life study in 2018, social inclusion and participation have the greatest impact on improving the quality of life for groups and seniors in need. Regular volunteers play a vital role in supplementing the workforce in the social service sector, complementing the efforts of full-time professionals. With increased commitment from volunteers, social service agencies, and service users receive enhanced support.

Regular volunteering not only benefits service users but also the volunteers themselves. Studies have shown that regular volunteering motivates employees, boosts team morale, and fosters staff bonding. Volunteers develop a greater sense of empathy, inspiring more people to step forward. This creates a cycle of care, forming a volunteering ecosystem to help those in need. NCSS also encourages social service agencies to collaborate with corporate partners to establish longer-term partnerships.

For volunteering opportunities, please visit giving.sg.

Definition of Regular Volunteerism

Guiding the commitment to regular volunteerism, NCSS defines engagement as a minimum of 4 volunteering sessions annually. Embracing the emergence of micro-volunteering and digital pivots during the pandemic, individual agencies may interpret regular volunteerism at their discretion.

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