Volunteer Managers Funding and Support for Volunteer Management

To build organisational capability and capacity

Community Capability Trust (CCT)

The Community Capability Trust (CCT) aggregates resources from the 3Ps—the Public, Private, and People sector—to accelerate sector and SSAs' capability and capacity building for greater impact. It aims to achieve the following desired outcomes to build a stronger social service sector:

01. Sector and SSAs have the capacity and capabilities to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of social services and support the sector's service plans.02. Community involvement in funding capability and capacity building of SSAs, and more donors are willing to support these needs.



Tech-and-GO! is a one-stop tech hub for Social Service Agencies (SSAs) offering grants, advisory, and consultancy on how agencies can go digital.

Charities Capability Fund

The Charities Capability Fund (CCF) aims to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, governance, and management capabilities of exempt, registered charities, and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs).

To build professional capabilities

Professional Capability Grant

The Professional Capability Grant (PCG) provides training grants that Social Service Agencies (SSAs) can tap on to build their manpower and organisation’s capability. This will better equip social service professionals in meeting the needs of the sector.

Charities Capability Fund (CCF Training Grant)

Includes training courses (local classroom-based courses and local/overseas online courses) for charities’ board members and staff (who have served in the charities for at least 6 months with an official designation) in key governance and management areas.

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