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Volunteer Management Champion Programme

Volunteer Management Champion Programme

The NCSS Volunteer Management (VM) Champion Programme, piloted in December 2020, is not just a leadership development initiative; it's a movement. Our aim is to cultivate a core group of subject matter experts, thought leaders, and advocates in strategic volunteer management. These VM Champions are the heartbeat of sustained volunteerism, working tirelessly to fortify our social compact.

Our VM Champions, a selected group of Volunteer Management Practitioners (VMPs) who have demonstrated exceptional passion, knowledge, and the potential to be leading change in the sector, are supported by NCSS as they embark on transformative initiatives like : NCSS VM Peer-Mentoring Programme – to provide guidance and support as mentors to new VM Practitioners over an enriching 6-month mentoring programme.

Additionally, our VM Champions play a pivotal role as advocates and influencers, participating in, advocating for, and sharing good volunteer management practices at platforms identified in collaboration with strategic partners.

Meet the VM Champions

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