Beyond the Label

A Mental Health Anti-Stigma Movement

BTL 2021 ambassadors

The Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 revealed that one in seven adults has experienced a mental health condition in their lifetime, with more than three-quarters of them not seeking professional help. The stigma towards Persons with Mental Health Conditions significantly affects the quality of life for persons with mental health conditions, as highlighted by the Quality of Life Study conducted by NCSS. Seven in 10 persons with mental health conditions encounter challenges in living with dignity due to negative attitudes and actions from others.

Another study on Public Attitudes towards Persons with Mental Health Conditions by NCSS also revealed various misperceptions about persons with mental health conditions in the public. Fear, lack of understanding, stereotypes, and media influence contribute to deep-seated stigma prevalent in society.

Beyond the Label (BTL)

Beyond the Label is a nationwide movement initiated in 2018 by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Its primary focus is on addressing stigma and promoting social inclusion for persons with mental health conditions (PMHCs). The second phase of the movement, termed Beyond the Label 2.0, was launched in 2022.

Mental Wellness Begins with All of Us

In our latest campaign, we aim to encourage everyone to move beyond mere mental health conversations and take proactive steps to reach out to those who may need help. This includes addressing self-stigma.

BTL's approach involves targeting different groups with a focus on:
Campaign: Promoting awareness and acceptance of persons with mental health conditions (PMHCs).Community: Equipping workplaces, schools, and families in the community with resources to foster resilience.Care: Providing intervention and integration support in neighbourhoods.


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If you or anyone you know is struggling with stress or anxiety, seek the help you need via Belle, the Beyond the Label helpbot.

BTL Collective

Led by NCSS and TOUCH Community Services, the BTL Collective comprises various agencies and stakeholders in the mental health ecosystem, aiming to achieve the following objectives:


Raise Awareness:

Increase awareness of stigma and advocate for greater support for persons with mental health conditions.
Educate and Equip:

Provide the public with peer support skills to interact with and support persons with mental health conditions.
Implement Workplace Adjustments:

Support persons with mental health conditions in the workplace more effectively.
Encourage Early Help-Seeking:

Motivate those in need to seek help early.


List of BTL Collective Members
National Council of Social ServiceTOUCH Community ServicesAgency for Integrated CareAllkin Singapore Ltd
Campus PSYCare Corner SingaporeCARE SingaporeCHAT
Fei Yue Community ServicesHealth Promotion BoardInstitute of Mental HealthIntellect
Limitless (Ltd.)Lutheran Community Care ServicesMINDSET Care Limited (Jardine MINDSET)Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Ministry of Social and Family DevelopmentNanyang Technological UniversityRepublic PolytechnicResilience Collective
Samaritans of SingaporeSG EnableSHINE Children & Youth ServicesSilver Ribbon
Singapore Anglican Community ServicesSingapore Association for Mental HealthSingapore Children's SocietySingapore National Employers Federation
Singapore PolytechnicStellar Lifestyle Pte LtdTemasek PolytechnicWorkplace Safety & Health Council


If you or your organisation would like to be part of the BTL Collective, please reach out to us at