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A one-stop tech hub for Social Service Agencies and Charities offering grants, advisory on how agencies can go digital, listing of suitable IT solutions and much more.




Key Highlights of Tech-and-GO! Offerings

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80% to 100% Funding
Attractive funding is available to defray the cost of technology adoption and/or consultancy.
No Need for 3 Quotes
 Only need 1 quote for the selected pre-scoped technology, while no quote is needed for pre-scoped consultancy.
Pre-scoped IT Solutions
Searching for suitable IT solutions and evaluating IT vendors can be challenging. Your agency can breeze through these steps by tapping on the Pre-scoped IT solutions that have been assessed to be effective and affordable.
Fully Funded Advisory
Not sure how to start? Fret not, you can receive digitalisation advice at no extra charges. The advisory can guide you on what digitalisation project or resources are most suitable for your agency, what are the relevant technology and on how to start a digitalisation project.
Pre-scoped Professional Help
Consultancy is available to support your agency in implementing technology, make strategy plans about digitalisation and ensure data protection compliance.