Beyond the Label Ambassador: Kevin| NCSS Singapore

07 Jan 2022

NCSS BTL 2021 Campaign-Social Post Kevin

Due to societal and self-imposed expectations, Kevin felt like his life was over when he did not meet his personal expectations during his 'A' levels. He believed success was defined by narrow parameters and refused to think otherwise, leading to a period of intense emotional struggle. Through seeking professional help, he was diagnosed with mixed episode (depression and mania).

His parents empathised with him. Their love and support for Kevin made him want to be better for his family. He also had the support of his schoolmates who encouraged him to seek professional help from the school counsellor during his ‘A’ levels.

Kevin is now the founder of @ReboundWithResilience, a platform that reaches out to youths and schools through talks, podcasts, and programmes.

If you or anyone you know is overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, find the help you need here via Belle, Beyond the Label helpbot: