Collaborations Between the People, Public and Private Sectors

14 Jul 2021

Launched in 2018, the Beyond The Label movement aims to fight stigma faced by persons with mental health conditions. Representatives from public and private agencies, SSAs and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) collaborated on initiatives to support persons with mental health conditions. NCSS initiated the formation of the Youth Alliance, co-led by Campus PSY and TOUCH Community Services, and includes representatives from 10 public agencies, SSAs and IHLs. The Youth Alliance connected IHLs and youth agencies with various resources like short film screenings, mental health talks, peer support training programme conducted by the Health Promotion Board and Virtual Reality experiences designed to increase public understanding of what persons with mental health conditions go through. 

“It has been a wonderful experience co-leading the Youth Alliance, where partners share generously to achieve collective impact for a common cause – encouraging youths to seek help early for mental health issues and reducing stigma.”  

Mrs Anita Low-Lim
Senior Director, Children & Youth, Impact & Research, Partnership & Communications, TOUCH Community Services


Image of the Workwell Leaders Workgroup

The Workwell Leaders Workgroup, initiated by former Nominated Member of Parliament Ms Anthea Ong, brought together like-minded private and public sector leaders keen to champion workplace well-being as a leadership priority. The Workgroup aims to create a strong ecosystem to empower persons with mental health conditions to achieve their employment aspirations. 

Community Chest partnered with Lazada for an online fundraising campaign that encouraged the community to “Add a New Story” to their online shopping carts and bring hope to those in need. Leveraging popular year-end shopping events such as the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival Black Friday, 12.12 and Christmas season, shoppers were given the option to purchase virtual gift boxes to support social service programmes. 

The partnership with Lazada enabled Community Chest to achieve a 56% increase in funds raised for its year-end campaign, compared to FY2018!