Empowering Women, Building Families with Casa Raudha

21 Jun 2024

Equipping survivors with skills for societal reintegration through the Casa Raudha’s Step Out Step Up Programme.

For well over a decade, Casa Raudha has committed itself to advocating for a life free of domestic violence, to doing community outreach in creating awareness and helping families to build resilience.

Besides providing safe accommodation for survivors of domestic violence, Casa Raudha also does prevention and restoration services through programmes such as Step Out Step Up. The Step Out Step Up programme is a four-step approach to equip survivors with the necessary skills to reintegrate back into society. Since 2012, Casa Raudha has successfully empowered the lives of over 700 women with this programme.

Casa Raudha’s service users attending the I AM S.M.A.R.T. programme.

Casa Raudha’s efforts are not just limited to empowering women. It has also invested in strengthening families and the developmental growth of children. The I AM S.M.A.R.T. programme empowers children by building up their self-confidence and nurturing their growth by imparting important moral and societal values as well as essential skills such as emotional regulation and financial literacy. In 2022 alone, the I AM S.M.A.R.T. programme has benefitted over 50 children, building a stronger community, and helping them to grow in stable environments.

Ms. Shahrany Hassan, Chairperson of Casa Raudha, emphasised fostering survivors' hope for a better future.

“Our residents in our crisis shelter have experienced so much violence and for them to be able to walk away from abusive relationships takes so much courage. We cannot fail them again. We need to make them feel safe and to start having hope – that things will get better. This is why we do what we do – because it needs to be done,” said Ms Shahrany Hassan, Chairperson of Casa Raudha.

Casa Raudha has championed the way in empowering these vulnerable individuals, providing them with a safe haven, plentiful resources, and a community of support – living up to the spirit of achieving a society where “every person is empowered to live with dignity in a caring and inclusive society”.

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