Beyond The Label - Mental Health Ambassador: Nicole Kay | NCSS Singapore

07 Sep 2018

Nicole(PS)Nicole Kay
36 years old

Nicole is the founder and editor of the Tapestry Project Singapore, an online portal that shares stories of hope, resilience and recovery of persons with mental health conditions.

Nicole was diagnosed with depression when she was 23. In her journey of recovery, Nicole experienced many negative and insensitive remarks on how she was coping and managing life with her condition. Some of her friends stayed away because of her diagnosis. Many of these experiences were painful, and Nicole wished for no one to have to go through a mental health condition alone.

She started the Tapestry Project Singapore, to help her readers understand more about the abstract idea of having a mental health condition and encourage persons with mental health conditions to seek help and stay hopeful in their recovery journeys.

Nicole loves writing and found it a great way to express herself and connect with others. Nicole also gives workshops on journaling for mental well-being.

In Nicole’s words, “Depression does not discriminate, so why should we? Let’s seek to understand and create a culture of recovery.” Nicole is in recovery and currently pursuing a Masters in writing.

If you or anyone you know is overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, or is experiencing signs of mental health conditions, find the help you need via Belle, Beyond the Label helpbot. Take the first step to recovery by seeking help early.

Also, learn more about how we tackle mental health stigma through the Beyond The Label movement.


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