Beyond The Label - Mental Health Ambassador: Siti | NCSS Singapore

29 Dec 2021


Living, loving and letting go. Sarinah Said beat depression and stepped up to help others as a Programme Executive at Club HEAL.

First experiencing signs of depression as a child, Sarinah, a mother of 4, also endured post-natal depression through her pregnancies. However, Sarinah did not immediately seek help as her and her family thought that they would be able to manage.

Sarinah finally sought help in 2013, and was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, beginning her road to recovery.

Reaching out to Club HEAL, after being introduced to them by her psychiatrist, Sarinah found a community of people with shared experiences and finally felt that she wasn’t alone in her journey. Feeling a sense of acceptance and love that she had been longing for, she enjoyed rehabilitative activities and found them to be meaningful to her life.

Realising Sarinah’s passion for helping others and her desire to learn more about mental health conditions, Club HEAL encouraged her to be a Programme Executive. A role that Sarinah took up with pride.

Coming to terms with her past, Sarinah has learned to accept that her feelings and beliefs are just as valid as anyone else’s. By loving, honouring and cherishing herself, Sarinah has broken free from the expectation of others simply by being true to herself.

If you or anyone you know is overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, or is experiencing signs of mental health conditions, find the help you need via Belle, Beyond the Label helpbot. Take the first step to recovery by seeking help early.

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