Sumaiyah Mohamed, 30 years old

11 Sep 2018

Sumaiyah(PS)Sumaiyah Mohamed
30 years old

Sumaiyah was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression when she was 19. She was in university then and had placed a lot of pressure on herself to do well for her essays and examinations. She started to lose interest in her hobbies and spending time with her friends and family, and was worried and anxious most of the time.

Her mother noticed that she was not well and took her to a GP. She subsequently received treatment at a hospital, where she was warded for two months. She returned to university and managed to graduate with an Honours degree in Social Sciences.

She currently works at Club HEAL, where she is a Programme Coordinator. Sumaiyah journals daily before heading to work. Journaling calms her and helps her keep focused.

To Sumaiyah, “Schizophrenia is just another illness, which can be managed. Keep a close network of supportive friends and family members.”

Sumaiyah is married and a mother to her beautiful daughter. She is in recovery.