Innovation and Productivity

Innovation Projects

Innovation projects are initiatives designed to drive new ways of working in the social service sector, to tackle complex issues and achieve social impact. Two such initiatives are the Design Ethnography projects “The Path to… Better Life by Design: Designing for persons with disabilities in Singapore” and “Who Cares? Transforming the Caregiving Experience in Singapore” - as well as the Sector Design Challenge (SDC). These initiatives contribute to the ongoing and continuous process of mind-set and culture shifts towards innovation and productivity in the social service sector.


If you are interested to embark on your own innovation journey but are not sure how to do so, our Social Innovation Starter Kit might be of interest to you! The starter kit consists of innovation and design thinking tips, tools and frameworks, contextualised to the social service sector, as well as insights and areas of learning from the Sector Design Challenge 2019 participants.


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Productivity Projects

Productivity projects are initiatives designed to help social service agencies improve organisational capabilities and productivity, through technology and innovation. Two new initiatives, Tech Booster and  Back-to-Basics, were announced at the 2019  Social Service Summit. With funding of close to SGD20 million from National Productivity Fund, Tech Booster and Back-to-Basics will offer ready technologies and innovative solutions at attractive subsidies to alleviate manpower challenges in the sector.

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