Directory of Common Services

NCSS member social service agencies are able to enjoy preferential rates and pro bono services for a range of common services listed below. This enables social service agencies to operate more efficiently and achieve cost savings.

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Prospective vendors who are keen to offer their services to NCSS member social service agencies at preferential rates or pro bono assistance may approach our members directly.

Disclaimer: NCSS's provision of information regarding potential vendors shall not be construed as endorsement, recommendation, support or validation for any such vendors. NCSS shall not be liable nor responsible for the products and/or services provided by such vendors. By engaging any of the vendors, you agree and understand that you may not make any claim against NCSS for any damages or losses, whatsoever, resulting from your engagement of the same.

icon Accounting

icon Audit

icon Books and Printing Services

icon Cleaning

icon Consultancy

icon Essentials for Safe Distancing

icon Facilities Management

icon Financial Advisory

icon Food and Beverages

icon Gifts & Hampers

icon Groceries and General Provisions

icon HR Services

icon Information Technology

icon Insurance Services

icon Medical and Healthcare Services

icon Pro Bono Legal Services

icon Procurement Related Services

icon Security Services

icon Utilities

icon Vehicle Related Services

icon Video Licensing Services