The Excitement of Working with Young Persons

The Sun Ray Scheme came into LOK LiangXun's orbit in 2020, as he embarked on a journey to serve young persons at Care Corner as part of his secondment. Read his story.

Pursuing Leadership Success for the Greater Good

Drawn to the field of social work due to an innate interest in people, Chun Yat soon found himself gravitating toward the areas of policy and planning. This is the story of his Sun Ray experience.

A Leader with the Heart to Serve

Having worked in the clinical sector abroad, Daphne knew that she wanted to work alongside like-minded professionals to advocate for change on her return to Singapore. This is her story of her return, and her experience with Sun Ray.

Seeking Growth through Embracing Challenges

As a social service scholar and having been part of the pioneering batch under Sun Ray, Siti Madinah was first seconded to AMKFSC, and then to SPD. Presently at MINDS TGS, she works with her clients to build their resilience so they may overcome challenges with independence and confidence. This is the story of her Sun Ray experience.

Embracing Leadership and Opportunities for Growth

Manoj began his social service journey as a Speech Therapist. Today, he spearheads efforts in multiple capacities as Deputy Director of the Allied Health Professional Group. This is the story of his transition, and his experience with Sun Ray.

Igniting a passion for social services

“The conversations I had with leaders of Singapore’s social service agencies ignited a fire within me. I can practise speech therapy anywhere in the world, but I want to give back to Singapore, my home country, in my own small way.”

A leading light for others

“I’m grateful to my teachers and mentors who have made a difference in my life. They’ve inspired me to embark on a career that is purposeful and brings about a positive change to people’s lives. I hope to be the light that shines on others and give them hope. This is why I joined the social service sector.”

Perseverance is key

“I never ever give up; I never know who I can help if I don’t push on.”