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Preparing For A Meaningful Career
by New Life Community Services
Children & Youth
11 Aug 2021
Those considering a career in Social Service can get a headstart through various avenues such as internships, traineeship schemes as part of the SGUnited Traineeships Programme (SGUT), scholarships and volunteering. We speak to two fresh graduates, Ruth and Chloe, who are both in the midst of the SGUT at New Life Community Services (NLCS) – an agency that works with children and youths. 

Hi, Ruth and Chloe! Can you tell us more about your SGUT roles?

Ruth: I work in the HR department, familiarising myself with the job responsibilities of a HR executive while also learning about our organisation and Social Service as a whole. 

Chloe: My primary role is to mentor youths from the community and schools as a Trainee Youth Worker. I plan and facilitate both physical and online engagements, from skill-based programmes to school programmes and meaningful content creation on TikTok and Instagram.

Why did you decide on a traineeship in Social Service?

Ruth: After graduating, I went on a 2-month overseas mission trip which made me realise that there was more to life than just chasing material things and that there was so much meaningful work to be done. I started to explore opportunities in Social Service right after.

Chloe: Even though my area of studies was different, the choice to join Social Service was clear after graduation. Through prior volunteering experiences, I discovered my desire to empower people, especially children and youths. I decided to apply for the traineeship at NLCS because its mission and vision aligned with my personal goals.  

 Ruth and Chloe, Fresh Graduates

What has your experience been like so far?

Ruth: The experience has been great, especially because of colleagues who are patient and willing to take the time to teach and explain things to me. The senior HR executive I work closely with, sets aside time to train me even amidst her heavy workload. Colleagues from other departments have been kind and welcoming too, making me feel at home

Chloe: It has been a journey of growth, being able to do new things that I may not be naturally inclined towards. My supportive colleagues and bosses give me opportunities to grow out of my comfort zone while also making it a safe space to fail and try again. 

How has the SGUT been beneficial for you?

Ruth: It has provided me with a platform to learn about HR, as they accept candidates without any prior background or experience. This has given me the chance to explore and discover, without the pressure of getting things right in the first go.

Chloe: The programme has enabled me to gain exposure to Social Service. 

Has the experience so far, equipped you with the skills and abilities to transition into full-time employment? 

Ruth: Certainly. From the multiple facets of HR to hands-on work, I would definitely be able to apply everything I have learnt in full-time employment. In addition, the environment at NLCS has encouraged me to be bolder in asking questions to clarify doubts. 

Chloe: Yes, the growth culture at NLCS has allowed me to learn a lot from fellow colleagues and our clinical supervisor – both technical and non-technical skills. I have been empowered to mentor youths, exposed to different aspects of youth work, and trained to conduct and facilitate programmes. These are all skills I can take with me moving forward. 

Share with us an especially memorable or emotionally rewarding highlight from the SGUT.

Ruth: One of the most memorable moments was when my HR colleague expressed gratitude for my help with the backlog of work during the earlier stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. I was glad to be able to take at least some of the workload off her so she could focus on more pressing matters. 

Chloe: A highlight thus far has been connecting and establishing trust with some of the youths, enabling them to open up to me. It made me happy that I was enroute to being a positive influence in their lives. 

How has the work you do made an impact on your Social Service Agency?

Ruth: While I do not work directly with clients, ensuring that my client-facing colleagues are well supported in aspects like training and development or compensation, equips them to do their jobs well.  

Chloe: I have been able to bring fresh perspectives to how certain things are currently structured at NLCS, and am helping with improvements that are within my means. 

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