Finance and Corporate Governance

Our Latest Financial Report

Read our most recent Financial Information Report for a comprehensive view of our financial transparency and stewardship.

Corporate Governance: Our Pledge to Charitable Governance
At NCSS, we hold a steadfast commitment to the Code of Governance For Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs). We embrace the Charity Transparency Framework with full compliance with Statutory Board's standards of disclosure and governance.

The Charity Transparency Framework: Promoting Accountability and Collaboration
In a collaborative effort to bolster transparency and accountability within the charitable sector, the concept of the Charity Transparency Scorecard emerged in 2013. After extensive consultations within the Social Service sector, the Charity Council introduced this tiered framework, which became a self-diagnostic tool in 2015. The Scorecard closely aligns with the Code of Governance, emphasising nine key areas of disclosure for our organisation.

Refer to the latest Annual Report for the FY22 Charity Transparency Scorecard.