Our campaign ambassadors

Beyond the Label is a movement to fight stigma on mental health and was co-created with persons with mental health conditions. Their courage in sharing their stories has helped make this movement possible.

Fym Summer

Fym is a singer-songwriter and caregiver.

Victoria Tymosiewicz

Victoria learnt to love herself and make peace with her condition. Opening up was what helped strengthen relationships with her family and friends the most.

Siti Noor Baizura Rahmatullah

To start your recovery, you need to cleanse it out.

Rainer Gooi

Rainer is a lawyer and self-taught artist and feels that it takes the village to pull the patient out of the pit he’s in.

Jeremy Chan

Jeremy is a peer support specialist and belives that when you starts sharing how you feel, it helps with your healing.

Asha Adnan

Asha started a small community called ‘Asha & Co’ to support women going through recovery from mental illnesses and abuse.

Sumaiyah Mohamed, 30 years old

Sumaiyah works as a programme coordinator at Club Heal. She is married and a mother of one. She is in recovery.

Nicole Kay, 36 years old

Nicole is the founder and editor of the Tapestry Project Singapore. She is in recovery and is currently pursuing a Masters in writing.

Nicholas Patrick, 30 years old

Nicholas started Ekho Academy to share stories of hope and recovery with others. He has fully recovered from depression.

Desmond Ng, 24 years old

Desmond loves going to the movies. He is in recovery and is using his personal experience to inspire others with mental health conditions.

Deborah Seah, 36 years old

Deborah actively uses her recovery journey to help others with mental health conditions.