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The Industry Digital Plan for Social Services (IDPSS)


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The Industry Digital Plan for Social Services (IDPSS) is a collaborative effort developed by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in consultation with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, the IDPSS Advisory Panel, and numerous private, public, and social service sector professionals. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive guidance for Social Service Agencies (SSAs) to evaluate and expedite their digitalisation journey based on their specific needs and digital readiness.

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IDPSS Five Focus Area:

  1. Secure, Integrated Solutions and Infrastructure: The Cybersecurity Essentials for Social Services seeks to establish a set of baseline security standards for the social service and charities sector.
  2. Enhanced Service User Experience: Adopt digital solutions that enable person-centred and integrated services according to needs and expectations.
  3. Connected Community and Partnerships: Promoting collaboration with various stakeholders such as volunteers, donors and eco-system partners to co-create, learn from or gather support on digital initiatives.
  4. Data Proficiency: The Data Management Guide for Social Services offers recommendations for handling data across its lifecycle. This guide equips Social Service Agencies and Charities with relevant resources, guides, and references.
  5. Digital Talent and Leadership: Developing digital skills and leadership within the sector to drive digitalisation efforts.