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Our NCSS Management Profiles

The leadership at NCSS is characterised by their unwavering commitment to social service. This dedicated group plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategies, policies, and initiatives that drive positive change within the sector. Their combined expertise and vision ensure that NCSS continues to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.


Ms. Tan Li San, Chief Executive Officer, NCSS

Ms Tan Li San

Ms Tan Li San is our remarkable Chief Executive Officer who assumed office on 1 June 2020. With a distinguished career in the public service spanning multiple ministries, including the Ministry of Communications and Information, Ministry of Manpower, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Ministry of Finance, Public Service Division, and the Civil Service College, Ms. Tan Li San brings a wealth of experience to NCSS.

Her dedication to the social service sector is exemplified through her contributions as a board member of Beyond Social Services and the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). Presently, she serves on the Boards of Charity Council, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), and raiSE. Her academic journey saw her graduate from Cornell University, USA, with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and further obtain her Masters in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Science in Management from Stanford University, USA. She was conferred the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2020.


Mr. Yoganathan Ammayappan (Yoga), Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NCSS

Mr Yoganathan Ammayappan (Yoga)

Mr Yoganathan Ammayappan (Yoga), our Deputy Chief Executive Officer, joined NCSS on 1 August 2023. Prior to this, he served as Senior Director in the Rehabilitation and Protection Group (RPG) within the Ministry of Social and Family Development. With a career spanning more than 25 years in the Civil Service, he has managed teams of considerable size and overseen a wide array of functions, including rehabilitation and protection, gambling safeguards, strategic planning and research, race and religious group relations, and the promotion of volunteerism and philanthropy in the charity sector, along with population and family policies.

Yoga's commitment extends beyond the public sector; he is also a member of the Hindu Endowments Board, where he previously served as its Secretary from 2012 to 2021. His academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology, and a master’s degree in public policy from the National University of Singapore. Yoga is a recipient of the Public Administration Medal (Silver), Commendation Medal, and Long Service Award. He was also conferred the Public Administration Medal Bronze (Covid-19) and the Public Sector Exemplary Leader Award in 2021.


Ms. Tina Hung

Ms Tina Hung

Ms Tina Hung took on the role of Senior Consultant at NCSS on 1 April 2020. Her aspiration is to add value by nurturing leaders, cultivating innovative solutions, and co-creating initiatives that place individuals at the centre, embody a holistic approach, and empower users to meet their evolving needs.

Tina's NCSS journey began on 17 April 1995, and she has assumed diverse roles, overseeing Service Planning & Development, Fund Allocation, HR, and Family Service Centres. Her dedication goes beyond the boundaries of NCSS, as she has served on inter-ministry committees tasked with policy reviews, the development of masterplans, and the coordination of national efforts to address social challenges. Presently, she sits on the Boards of NUHS Fund, Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund, Resilience Collective, and the Special Needs Trust Company.

Tina's academic accolades include double Masters in Public Administration and Social Work. She was recognized with the Public Administration Medal (Silver), the Pioneer Social Worker Award (2016), and the Ann Wee Social Work Alumni Award (2020).


Dr Chu Chi Meng, Director and Senior Principal Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Translational Social Research Division, NCSS

Dr Chu Chi Meng

Dr Chu Chi Meng assumed the role of Director, alongside his role as Senior Principal Clinical and Forensic Psychologist at the Translational Social Research Division, and Director of the Strategic Planning Office, on 1 February 2020. Simultaneously, he serves as the Director (Special Projects) at the Policy Research Office within the Ministry of the Social and Family Development (MSF) and holds the position of Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore.

Chi Meng's prior roles within MSF involved the delivery and development of forensic mental health services, research and evaluation, and policy development for the youth-at-risk sector. He is a registered psychologist and supervisor in Singapore and Australia. Additionally, he holds the titles of Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, and Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society.

Chi Meng is a distinguished alumnus of the National University of Singapore, having earned a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)(Honours) degree from the institution. Furthering his expertise, he completed a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Forensic Specialisation) degree at Monash University. For his outstanding contributions, Chi Meng was recognized with the Commendation Medal in 2016.


Ms. Lorriane Chue

Ms Lorriane Chue

On 1 July 2021, Ms Lorriane Chue was appointed as Director of Membership. In this capacity, she oversees the recruitment of new member agencies, expands membership resources, and nurtures relationships with nearly 500 member agencies. Her journey with NCSS, which commenced in 2010, has seen her lead various teams, focusing on enhancing the productivity of member agencies, implementing Personal Data and Protection Act, and collaborating with corporations and foundations to raise funds for President’s Challenge and Community Chest.

Before transitioning to the public and social service sector, Lorriane had a distinguished decade-long career in the private sector. During this time, she led project teams, bringing about strategic transformations in customer service operations on a global scale.

Lorriane is an alumna of the National University of Singapore, where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She furthered her academic pursuits with a Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Managing Director - Community Chest | Group Director - Philanthropy and Engagement | Director - Philanthropic, Partnership and Engagement (Covering)

Mr. Jack Lim

Mr Jack Lim

Mr Jack Lim embarked on his NCSS journey on 14 August 2023, assuming the roles of Group Director, Philanthropy Engagement, and Managing Director, Community Chest. Prior to this, Jack served as the Principal/Managing Director of BeingIconic’s Asia operations in Singapore, and held the positions of Partner and Chief Growth Officer at Avyan Global, a creative human experience design-led collective agency. Jack's diverse career also encompassed roles as the Chief Commercial Officer of One Championship, unifying revenue streams and driving the growth of the largest sports media property in Asia, and Chief Commercial Officer of MediaCorp, with responsibilities spanning commercial relationships, advertising sales, go-to-market partnerships, and creative services.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Jack has a profound passion for helping and uplifting the underprivileged and disadvantaged in the community. He aspires to contribute to social causes on a larger platform and play a key leadership role in the philanthropy landscape.

Jack's educational background includes an MBA (International Relations) from NTU and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from NUS.


Dr Tan Wei Lin

Dr Tan Wei Lin

Dr Tan Wei Lin joined NCSS on 15 November 2022. With more than 15 years of experience, two-thirds of this years were spent in leadership roles, concentrating on strategy formulation and execution within the financial services industry.

Wei Lin boasts a track record of developing robust corporate and business strategies that pivot and future-proof business models. In her previous roles, she spearheaded innovation strategies that accelerated technological advancements, forming partnerships and collaborations with industry groups, fintech players, and policy-makers. She also played a pivotal role in revamping operating models, enhancing processes, and incorporating sustainability agendas into organisations.

As an ardent volunteer, Wei Lin holds a certification as a coach and is passionate about building cross-functional teams as catalysts for meaningful change. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the National University of Singapore.

These esteemed professionals contribute their diverse skills and rich experiences to fulfil our mission to serve, support, and empower individuals and communities in need.


Ms. Belinda Tan

Ms Belinda Tan

Ms Belinda Tan embarked on her remarkable journey with NCSS in March 2018 when she was appointed as Director for Fund Allocation, officially assuming the role of Director on 1 April 2018. On 1 July 2020, the Fund Allocation team expanded and evolved into the Funding, Outcomes, and Standards team, emphasising the utilisation of funding as a means to promote excellent service standards and outcomes in the sector.

Belinda's longstanding commitment to NCSS began on 30 September 2002. Over the years, she has held various portfolios within the organisation, including roles in Community Chest, Service Planning and Development, and Corporate Communications. Notably, Belinda served as Director of the Social Service Training Institute (SSTI) in 2011, playing an instrumental role in transforming SSTI into a centre of learning and capability building for practitioners. Her vision led to SSTI's appointment as the Continuing Education and Training Centre for the social service sector by the Workforce Development Agency. In 2013, SSTI was rebranded as the Social Service Institute, becoming a one-stop hub for social service learning.

Belinda's journey within the social service sector also included participation in the Sun Ray scheme starting in July 2015. During this time, she was posted to Montfort Care, where she served as Group Director for Shared Services and General Manager of YAH!

Belinda's academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Health Science (Gerontology) from the University of Sydney. With over 19 years of experience in the social service sector, she remains dedicated to driving positive change and transformation.


Mr. Anjan Kumar Ghosh

Mr Anjan Kumar Ghosh

Mr Anjan Kumar Ghosh assumed the role of Director to oversee Sector Manpower and Organisational Development for Social Service Agencies on 1 April 2018. With over 25 years of diverse experience in various social service areas, Anjan has a rich background in direct practice at social service agencies. His journey includes planning roles at NCSS, with a focus on social service strategy, service management, member relations, and service planning. Anjan also contributed to international philanthropy during his three-year tenure at Temasek Foundation.

Anjan holds an Honors degree in Occupational Therapy and a Masters in Health Sciences Management. He actively serves as a Committee member of the Industry Advisory Committee for the Health Sciences Cluster at Singapore Institute of Technology and as a member of the Social Work Advisory Panel at Singapore University of Social Sciences.


Mr. Bruce Liew

Mr Bruce Liew

Mr Bruce Liew took up the role of Director, Sector Manpower and Leadership Development on 1 April 2023. Bruce joined NCSS in 2009, embarking on a journey that led him through various roles, including fundraising and communications in Community Chest, as well as Corporate Services. In his prior position as Director of Sector Digitalization and Transformation, Bruce was pivotal in driving digital adoption in the social service sector. His work culminated in the conceptualization of the Industry Digital Plan for Social Services and collaborations with corporates to provide valuable IT resources, especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under his leadership, his team introduced well-received technology schemes that enhanced the operational efficiency of Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and their ability to better serve their users.

Bruce attributes his success to the strong network of SSAs in the social service ecosystem, where mutual support and collaboration are key in the domains of digitalization and organisational development.


Mr. Lee Wee Chee

Mr Lee Wee Chee

With over 20 years of experience in the education and training sector, Mr Lee Wee Chee is a dedicated professional. His previous role as a Director at the Institute for Adult Learning involved driving programmes and initiatives to develop and elevate the capabilities of continuing education and training professionals. Through the exploration and implementation of innovative pedagogies and learning technologies, Wee Chee championed lifelong learning.

Wee Chee holds a Master's in Training and Development from Griffith University, a Post-graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts (Merit) from the National University of Singapore.


Ms. Elaine Loo

Ms Elaine Loo

Ms Elaine Loo has been seconded to NCSS as Director, Membership, and Strategy Implementation of the Sector Strategy Group since 1 September 2018. In this capacity, she oversees the recruitment of new member agencies, maintains member relationships, and provides support and resources to about 500 member agencies.

Elaine's journey began as a Probation Officer in 1994, working for the Ministry of Community Development, which is now known as the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Her career has been diverse, spanning roles in residential rehabilitation, family and child welfare, policy planning, capability building, and programme development. In 2016, Elaine was appointed as Director of the Central Youth Guidance Office, an inter-Ministry Office focusing on the entire youth offending spectrum across agency boundaries, identifying service and intervention gaps, and emphasising upstream efforts. Elaine also serves as a member of the Social Work Accreditation and Advisory Board as well as the National Council Against Drug Abuse.

Elaine is a graduate of the National University of Singapore, holding a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences (Social Work). In 2014, she pursued further studies, completing a Master's in Social Work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington State, USA.


Ms. Priscilla Gan

Ms Priscilla Gan

Ms Priscilla Gan became a part of the NCSS family on 13 March 2017, initially serving as the Director of Relations and Engagement for Community Chest and President’s Challenge. Her journey to empower and uplift communities started long before that, with an illustrious 17-year career in the banking industry.

Priscilla's dedication led her to an expanded role within NCSS as the leader of the Volunteer Resource Optimization team, where her mission is to build capabilities and enhance the capacity of Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in volunteer management. She took up this mantle on 9 October 2020.

Before joining NCSS, Priscilla made significant contributions as Director of the North Asia market at Citibank. She expertly managed assets for her clients from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong over a six-year period. Subsequently, she ventured into the role of Vice President for Strategic Alliance, overseeing the acquisition and growth strategy for key markets, including China, India, and the Philippines. In 2016, her commitment and leadership extended to the position of CitiClub President, where she passionately engaged close to 10,000 Citi employees in employee enrichment and CSR-related activities.

Beyond her professional career, Priscilla also served as Chairperson for the Silent Heroes Committee by the Civilians Association of Singapore in FY20. Her tireless efforts aimed to spotlight ordinary individuals who performed extraordinary acts, further demonstrating her deep commitment to making a difference.

Priscilla holds a degree in Business Studies with a specialisation in Marketing from Nanyang Technological University, underlining her expertise in both the corporate world and the community.


Ms Penny Elaine Yapp, Group Director of Service Planning and Funding, NCSS

Ms Penny Elaine Yapp

Ms Penny Elaine Yapp joined the NCSS Family on 19 April 2024, as Group Director of Service Planning and Funding. Prior to this, she led the Institute of Governance and Policy in the Civil Service College to build capabilities of public officers, including those who design social policies or hold management positions in the social Ministries. Her career in the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Ministry of Manpower has also been purpose-filled, allowing the uplifting of vulnerable groups such as workers with work injuries, low wages and poor employment conditions; single parents, and individuals and families facing cycles of abuse, neglect and offending. .

Penny’s educational background includes the Senior Fellowship in Public Service Programme from the Lee Kuan Yew school of Public Policy, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cambridge.


Ms. Sim Hui Ting

Ms Sim Hui Ting

Ms Sim Hui Ting joined the NCSS family on 6 June 2022, taking on the role of Director/Services within the Service Planning & Funding Group. In this capacity, she oversees service planning and sector development, strengthening processes, and fostering collaboration and partnerships with leaders in the social service sector to deliver quality services to vulnerable groups.

Hui Ting brings a wealth of experience to her role, with a strong background in charity governance and regulation. Her profound knowledge of the charity sector, along with her extensive experience in the public sector, is instrumental in her ability to create a thriving and well-governed charity sector. Her prior role as Deputy Commissioner of Charities, Charities Unit in the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY), involved supporting the Commissioner of Charities in regulating and developing the charity sector.

During her time in MCCY, Hui Ting oversaw policy, regulatory, and administrative functions in the Charities Unit. She led the secretariat for the Charity Council, actively promoting and facilitating the adoption of good governance standards within the sector. Beyond her professional career, Hui Ting passionately volunteers in her personal capacity with social service agencies, reflecting her strong dedication to making a positive impact on communities.


Mr. Yong Fook Chyi

Mr Yong Fook Chyi

Mr Yong Fook Chyi became a valued member of the NCSS team on 11 July 2022, when he assumed the role of Group Director, Corporate Development and Communications. Fook Chyi brings with him 25 years of accumulated experience across three different public agencies.

Before his journey with NCSS, Fook Chyi held the position of Senior Director, Corporate Services/Board Secretary, and also served as the Project Director of the Master Planning Project Office at Tote Board. His career has been marked by expertise in the design, formulation, and implementation of organisational strategies focused on corporate development, corporate governance, innovation, and digital transformation, all in support of Public Service Transformation. Fook Chyi boasts a profound understanding of the philanthropic and grantmaking landscape, with a keen awareness of the challenges and priorities spanning diverse sectors like arts and culture, community development, education, health, social service, and sports.

In addition to his strategic leadership, Fook Chyi holds vast experience in large-scale project management, serving as an essential part of a multi-agency team tasked with the compelling mission of repositioning the Singapore Turf Club as a recreational centre in the North Corridor, catering to residents and visitors alike.

Fook Chyi's professional passion revolves around facilitating and enabling organisations to build and deepen a culture of sustained high performance. He places a strong emphasis on the strengths, diversity, and creativity of the employees within these organisations.

Fook Chyi holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) and a Master of Science in Asia Pacific Human Resource Management from the National University of Singapore. He has furthered his professional development by completing the NTU-Berkeley Advanced Management Programme and achieving the Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance with the Institute of Adult Learning at Singapore University of Social Sciences.


Ms. Pearlyn Tseng

Ms Pearlyn Tseng

Ms Pearlyn Tseng became part of the NCSS family on 2 February 2015. With her extensive experience spanning over 20 years across private, public, and non-profit sectors, she brings a wealth of expertise in the areas of strategic and marketing communications, branding, and digital communications. Her journey has included notable stints at Mediacorp and PSA Corporation.

In her role at NCSS, Pearlyn took the initiative to launch public education campaigns, such as the "Beyond the Label" movement, dedicated to addressing stigma towards individuals with mental health conditions. Her commitment to fostering understanding and empathy was evident throughout her career. In 2020, she took on an additional role at the Ministry of Social and Family Development, where she oversaw the Marketing Communications and Engagement teams and led efforts in publicising the "Celebrating SG Women" movement.

Before joining NCSS, Pearlyn's career path led her to the Health Promotion Board, where she worked on critical public health campaigns and nurtured industry partnerships.

Pearlyn holds a Bachelor of Arts from NUS and a Master of Mass Communication from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) at NTU. Her commitment and contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, she was honoured with the WKWSCI Impact Award, and in 2020, NTU conferred upon her the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award.


Ms. Charlotte Thng

Ms Charlotte Thng

Ms Charlotte Thng Cheok Khoon assumed her role as Director of People and Culture on 1 September 2023. Her distinguished career is marked by deep and wide-ranging experience in HR strategies and operations. She formerly served as the Head of Human Resources for Singapore, Australia, and ASEAN Markets at Standard Chartered Bank. This journey also saw her as the Global HR Business Partner for Retail, Wealth, Marketing, Corporate & Institutional Banking, and the COO's Office, contributing a total of 14 years to this critical role.

Charlotte brings practical and tested perspectives and insights to the table, covering leadership coaching and development, talent development, conduct and culture engagement, workforce diversity, well-being, and future-ready reskilling. Her overarching mission is to facilitate and enable the transformation journey of NCSS in the areas of workforce, work, and workplace.

A collaborative and nurturing leader, Charlotte thrives on working through challenges and co-creating solutions with her team members. She is known for her unwavering commitment, her practice of authentic leadership, and her ability to work effectively with stakeholders across all levels. Her career interest lies in bringing out the best in everyone, contributing positively to the people and culture of NCSS.

Charlotte's academic credentials include a Master's in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University, USA, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration from NUS. She is certified as a Senior HR Professional with the Institute of Human Resource Professionals Singapore. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Charlotte generously volunteers her expertise as a HR Consultant at YWCA.


Ms. Jestine Choo

Ms Jestine Choo

Ms Jestine Choo commenced her journey with NCSS on 1 February 2020, stepping into the role of Director, Finance. Her career of over 20 years in the Civil Service has been characterised by impactful contributions across various Ministries, including the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Jestine's journey started in the Sports Division at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in September 2005. Her close collaboration with the then Singapore Sports Council resulted in the development of a vibrant sports sector. In March 2008, she took on the significant role of Head of Budget Planning and Control for the Organizing Committee of the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games. After the successful conclusion of the games in 2011, she continued her impactful career within the Finance and Facilities Division at the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Jestine holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies from the Nanyang Technological University.


Ms. Daphne Koh

Ms Daphne Koh

Ms Daphne Koh became an integral part of the NCSS team on 1 August 2019, stepping into the role of Chief Information Officer. Seconded from the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), Daphne leads the Info-Communication System (ICS) Team, steering the strategic ICT plans and digital transformation. Prior to her secondment with NCSS, Daphne held the position of Deputy Director at the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) Social Service ICT Programme (SSICT) Office.

Daphne brings with her a robust background in the public sector, where she held several key ICT appointments in the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Public Transport Council (PTC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

Her educational background includes a Bachelor's degree from Nanyang Technological University and a Master of Technology from the National University of Singapore.


Ms. Tan Suan Ee

Ms Tan Suan Ee

Ms Tan Suan Ee commenced her dedicated service with the Accountant-General’s Department in 1999. Over the course of 22 years, she has been a steadfast leader within internal audit units, offering essential governance, risk management, and assurance services to government departments, Statutory Boards, and Ministries. Suan Ee currently serves as the Head of the Internal Audit Unit at the Ministry of Social and Family Development and NCSS, a role she assumed on 1 November 2018.

Suan Ee's academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from the Nanyang Technological University. Her commitment to excellence in her field is further evidenced by her certifications, including being a Certified Internal Auditor and holding Certifications in Risk Management Assurance. Additionally, she is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore.

As a leader in the field of internal audit, Suan Ee goes beyond her professional responsibilities to serve as the Vice President of the Institute of Internal Auditors (Singapore Chapter), embodying the collaborative spirit of sharing knowledge and insights within the community.