Social Service Strategic Thrusts (4ST) - Playbook

Year Published 2022

Every stakeholder in the ecosystem has a role to play to lead the desired changes to bring our sector forward.

The 4ST Playbook lists the concrete steps, as well as examples and ideas that different stakeholders can explore to bring the refreshed 4ST forward.  

Underlying these actions, it is important for us to cultivate the right mindsets, and be prepared to continuously learn, unlearn, and reposition ourselves to operate within changes and new possibilities. This includes making better use of data and technology, and planning for the longer-term. Leaders too play a crucial role in guiding their organisations through such initiatives by exemplifying these behaviours and shaping organisational culture. The Playbook content is not meant to be exhaustive and will be updated over time as ideas and efforts materialise. We welcome you to contribute any ideas and examples to enrich the content of the Playbook. Do write to us at or find out more here.