Gabkotech iREP Visitor Management System

Year Published 2020




iREP Security VMS Demo

iREP Security Visitor Management System is a mobile reporting, maintenance tracking and monitoring system which use GPS trackers and Live Image Captures to enable investigating officers and guards to write incident reports on sites, take attendance of guards and managing visitor visiting the premises.

The system automates the recording of visitors coming in and out of facilities, with integrated temperature screening and contact tracing. With visitors’ records digitised, data retrieval for contact tracing and/or case management purpose is more efficient.

It also enables staff to differentiate between authorised and illegitimate visitors with the blacklist and whitelist functions. The solution helps to monitor the duration of every visitor’s visit in the premise, from the initial check-in to the departure. Hence, this system gives social service personnel a transparent view of the movement of visitors 24x7.

On top of that, it is PDPA compliant.

Demo by Gabkotech (recorded during TechUP Friday! event on 16 Oct 2020)

Refer to the slides here for more details on this solution.  

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