Learning Management System

Year Published 2020


Many clients need extra guidance to support them through life challenges.

Learning Management Systems provides clients and caregivers with access to digital courses and resources that they can access anytime and anywhere. Clients and caregivers are also able to create learning communities, share information and collaborate with other clients, thus creating an optimal environment for clients and caregivers to learn and self-help.

Learning Management Systems are also user friendly, enabling social service professionals to create professional and effective courses, without needing advanced IT skills. Social service professionals are also able to track the progress of each client and assist them if required.

Social service agencies can also adopt Learning Management Systems to create in-house digital courses and resources, and enable staff to learn new knowledge anytime and anywhere.

If you are interested in these Learning Management Systems, do head over to the GoBusiness website.

SSAs are encouraged to consider the list of IMDA pre-approved digital solutions that are relevant to your needs. Mainly because IMDA assessment provides some level of assurance of the pre-approved solutions. For more information on these solutions, please click here: GoBusiness website.