Moto Tiles

Year Published 2020
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In many of our homes and centres, encouraging rehabilitation interest and participation from residents/clients is a daily struggle. This resulted in slow improvement in their physical and cognitive functionality which leads to falls if unsupervised.

Moto Tiles – a playful care technology from Denmark, the World's happiest nation – makes motivating clients to exercise much easier. Scientific research has shown a 66% improvement in balancing after 2-3 hours of play on Moto Tiles. Not only does it benefit seniors and people with disabilities with their physical and cognitive abilities, but it can also be used to train the stamina and agility of institutionalised teens/ children. Moto Tiles comes with automatic documentation of effects on users. It is very portable and can be set up within a minute.

With continuous usage, there will be an increase in strength, endurance, agility, balance, and even cognition of the residents, thus preventing falls.

Staff can keep track of users’ progress through the tablet. It automatically records points obtained by each user, the duration of the training, and other statistics. Graphs are automatically generated to facilitate the tracking of progress. Many users love playing with it and simply want to keep going.

“Even though it was just a short trial session with a few of our clients, we could see how engaged they were and how much fun they were having with the Moto Tiles.”

Angie Chen,
Programme Head, SUN-DAC
“I have been using Moto Tiles with my residents who can stand, for lower limbs coordination. Those who are able to play the games in spite of their physical limitation enjoy Moto Tiles.”

Myo Myint,
Physiotherapist, Singapore Cheshire Home