MPTC eDataLogger+

Year Published 2020
The social service sector is documentation intensive. Yet, many social service agencies are still using paper forms to collect data, which is manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. The long lag time means the retrieval of critical information such as medication data by care managers is always delayed.

This problem can be solved using eDataLogger+ (an Android-based solution), that automates the routine data entry, retrieval, and report generation. With eDataLogger+, organisations can convert their paper forms into electronic versions and create high-quality reports on their mobile phones and tablets.

SSAs can tap on the smart in-built functions such as photo insertions, signature, timestamp, embedded database, text recognition, bar-code, and QR code scanner to reduce time and error in generating reports. Staff who work onsite can use eDataLogger+ to generate work reports at the point of care and submit the reports to a centralised cloud storage.
This allows staff members who work from home to read the reports remotely in real-time. In general, eDataLogger+ helps organisations to improve the productivity of up to 50 percent by reducing cycle time for report generation, reducing transportation cost and time for document transfer, while optimising manpower utilisation.