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Murho Store N Track Pro

Year Published 2020


Maintaining a healthy level of supplies and keeping track of their expiry is important, as it ensures that your staff is well-equipped with the items that they need to provide quality care to clients. Failure to do so can result in undesirable consequences, e.g. an open wound would not be treated in time due to the lack of medication supplies, or disposal of expired food due to poor inventory tracking.

Store N Track Pro is an inventory management system that can help with managing your supplies. It can track inventories such as medication or PPEs which have expiry dates, to ensure that SSAs can make more informed decisions on their medication supplies, especially in homes where they must serve many residents and staff members.
This solution also supports inbound/ outbound/ transfer between multiple locations and warehouses. This feature is especially beneficial for SSAs with different branches and locations, as they can better manage their inventories and storage amongst the different locations.

With the integrated bar-code scanning technology, data entry is automated, and staff members can do away with manual reporting and paperwork, thus allowing them to focus on their primary task of caring for the residents. This solution also supports real-time mobile stock take/cycle count, improving visibility, and automating low quantity notifications. Thereby reducing the risk of inaccuracies, improving product recall capabilities, and increasing the efficiency of stock checking and retrieval of supplies.