Opsis AI

Year Published 2020
Opsis-AI-diagramOpsis AI (A*Star spin-off) provides a video help desk that gets real-time emotional feedback on the mental state of patients/callers using Artificial Intelligence.
Using Opsis AI, emotions of individuals or a large number of people in need can be analysed via digital platforms, without the need for close contact or commute. Opsis AI can be used to supplement many social service programmes e.g. virtual community group work, virtual crisis helplines/counselling, virtual tuition for children from needy families, etc.

With the real-time emotional trend analysis of clients and identification of potential problem cases with psychometric analytics, Social Service Agencies (SSAs) can fine-tune their intervention for more effective client outcomes. Opsis AI has plans to expand its solution to analyse audio, which will be useful for phone helplines.


Currently, many distress helplines are facing bandwidth constraints, i.e. volunteers may not be experienced to spot clients with early signs of distress, while professionals may suffer from fatigue and miss out on some cases. Hence, this platform seeks to support both volunteer-manned and professional-manned helplines in a structured way to identify and right-site clients to get the right level of intervention as early as possible.