Pensees Intelligent Facial Recognition Access Control System

Year Published 2020
Pensees Intelligent Facial Recognition Access Control Systemwith Temperature Monitoring is a Cloud-based, Contact-less, Computer-Vision based Facial Recognition and Body Temperature Measuring Solution. Solution also supports visitor management and attendance management with temperature statistics. It uses Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and IoT Sensors to offer access control and temperature measurement functionality. A back-end dashboard offers real-time monitoring and alert features to administrator/security guards.

It comes with a door access control function using facial recognition with or without a mask, which can be used for door access and staff's attendance taking.

This solution can be used to automate the tracking of activity attendance, and administrators can create events on the calendar, for more seamless activity execution. The operations manager can also monitor clients' activity attendance remotely. Activity participation reports can be generated at the click of a button.

The facial recognition technology can also be used to give staff a real-time prompt on the correct medication to be given to the clients. This reduces the time spent by staff to check if the medication is correctly dispensed, and minimises human errors in medication dispensing.

Demo by Pensees Pte Ltd (recorded during TechUP Friday! event on 16 Oct 2020)

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