Remote Working Solutions

Year Published 2020
During this COVID-19 period, many organisations opt to telecommute or work in split teams. Thus, solutions which improve connectivity and collaboration between staff are beneficial in increasing efficiency and productivity in their work.

Online Collaboration Tools are solutions which can help staff work remotely but still collaborate actively both within the team and with clients. Essential documents are organised and stored within the same platform, thus making search and retrieval of information much more efficient. Staff can also share and work on the same documents together via the platform.

Connectivity and collaboration can be enhanced through communication tools such as instant messages and video conferencing. Another feature includes digital workflow management modules, which ensures efficiency and productivity within the team.

Virtual Meeting Solutions are also available. There are platforms for teams to have virtual meetings and business video conferencing anywhere and anytime. Features such as chat functions and polls are included to increase engagement within the team. With this solution, staff members can hold meetings and discussions effectively from their homes, thus maintaining the effectiveness of the team.

If you are interested in the Online Collaboration Tools or the Virtual Meeting Solutions, do head over to the GoBusiness Website.