Sit & Shower

Year Published 2020
Many homes have a heavy reliance on foreign workers, to take up the care worker jobs that Singaporeans shy away from, i.e. provide heavy-duty caregiving to institutionalised clients. Due to COVID-19, these homes are unable to hire foreign workers to fill vacancies. Their residents are put into different zones, while care workers need to work in split teams. This spreads their lean manpower even thinner.

On top of that, many homes have long-standing problems with managing residents who are reluctant to be showered. These residents may suffer from falls as they resist being showered while causing stress to care staff.

To address these homes’ manpower challenges that are worsened by Covid-19, NCCS has partnered with Jamiyah Home for the Aged to pilot Sit and Shower Automated Showering System under a free trial offered by the vendor.




The installation was a breeze where the device was fitted over the existing toilet making it incontinence-friendly. Residents loved bathing using the equipment, so much so that the Home tried to bathe as many Residents using the equipment until the vendor declared “Time’s Up!”.

The popularity of this equipment amongst residents mainly lies with its auto-soaping function, which enables the resident to shower independently and have a dignified and thorough shower. It has a built-in auto-disinfecting function saving staff’s time after each use. It took from 5 minutes to 30 seconds to shower using the Sit and Shower.

Built with safety features, this equipment prevents falls, thus improving care efficiency. Jamiyah Home for the Aged could reduce their support staff to assist with the showering of high care needs residents and those with wheelchair. This equipment has resulted in staff productivity gain, while significantly improving residents’ showering experience.

With the successful free trial, Jamiyah Home is looking forward to purchase and implement 3 units of the Sit and Shower equipment, through the support of Tech Booster funding.