Smart Cleaning Robots

Year Published 2020
smartcleaning robot

Cleaning and disinfecting are critically important at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic. This is essential for SSAs where large number of people gather for treatment on a regular basis. The flow of people coming in and out of the building premises poses a risk to staff, caregivers, and the public. To ease the much-needed manpower to cleaning and not sacrificing hygiene standards, SSAs can look to automate cleaning tasks using autonomous robots.

Under the Tech Booster funding, Meranti Welfare Home adopted a cleaning robot and an autonomous disinfection robot to clean the areas of their home. Previously, Care Workers will do disinfecting manually on the floor, walls and railings. With a cleaning robot and disinfecting robot, much of cleaning has been made autonomous, replacing manual labour.

They named the robot name “Winnie”.

The residents love Winnie because it can play song while cleaning, and greet people in front of them with words such as “My name is Winnie, welcome to Meranti Home”. They found “Winnie” very cute and entertaining, as it can mimic the human response to them if someone get it on the way by saying “excuse me, please move out of the way”. The robot head has so much finger print marks, as the residents love the robot so much that they would pat its head each time they pass by the robot. Hence even though the activities outside the home have been reduced, the residents are kept happy with Winnie around.

With the time savings, the Care Workers can spend more time taking care of the residents.