Beyond the Label is a movement to address stigma faced by persons with mental health conditions in society. It aims to encourage the public to go beyond the label of a mental health diagnosis, and to view and regard persons with mental health conditions for who they are. We hope to raise awareness of the stigma, educate and equip the public with tips and knowledge to support persons in recovery from mental health conditions, and to facilitate more conversations on mental health.

If you would like to play a part in reducing mental health stigma, you are welcomed to join us as a Beyond the Label volunteer! Please provide your contact details via this Google Form,  and we will contact you for suitable volunteering opportunities. Volunteers will help in Beyond the Label events, engage various stakeholders at events organised by partners, as well as raise awareness of Beyond the Label and what it seeks to achieve. For enquiries, please contact the NCSS Mental Health Services team at ncss_mental_health@ncss.gov.sg.


Campus PSY (Peer Support for Youths), is a “By Youths, For Youths” non-profit organization, that aims to promote mental health awareness and peer support among youths and young adults in the schools and workplaces through advocacy, training, support and volunteering to create an inclusive and supportive community for youths with mental health issues. 

If you are keen to volunteer with us and be equipped with basic mental health literacy, and peer helping skills to support youths in distress. Or be a catalyst of change to reduce mental health stigma by serving beneficiaries with mental health conditions. Do drop us a message on our Campus PSY Facebook page or an email at campuspsymovement@gmail.com!


Silver Ribbon (Singapore) was launched in 2006 by our late President S R Nathan with the aim to combat mental health stigma, educate the public on positive mental health and encourage early help-seeking attitude. Since our inception, our team has been working with various stakeholders to provide complimentary counselling, organise outreach events and conduct talks and workshops to both the public and private sectors. These services serve to raise awareness, increase mental health literacy, encourage help-seeking behaviour and to facilitate the re-integration of consumers back to society.

Volunteering roles in Silver Ribbon (Singapore) includes assisting in the following areas

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Coordination
  • IT/ Logistics Support
  • Emcee

For more information or to sign up, please visit our volunteer page.


Giving.sg is Singapore’s very own one-stop portal for all givers like you. Here, you can find countless ways to help local charities, change lives and do good.

For more information, please visit Giving.sg.


Belle, Beyond the Label helpbot


If you or anyone you know is overwhelmed with stress or anxiety find the help you need via Belle, the Beyond the Label helpbot.