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Mumtalk with Mum Space: Creating a Safe Space For Your Child’s Mental Health

08 Sep 2021

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A child's mental health is just as important as their physical health. As the child grows older, they may be influenced by their friends and external factors like social media, and may start to have different mindsets as compared to their parents. It may not be easy for children and their parents to have conversations about mental health challenges. How can parents care for the mental well-being of their children? Join the conversation with our panel of mums and experts as they share their experiences and insights on supporting the mental health of children.

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Junia Tan, Founder of Mum Space (Moderator and Parenting Coach)

Junia Tan, Founder of Mum Space (Moderator and Parenting Coach)

Junia Tan is founder of Mum Space, Author of ‘The NAKED Parent’ and the delightful mother to 5 amazing children. A thought-leader in the parenting space, she is widely recognised for her pioneering parenting model. Her strategies & techniques are so effective that results are not just transformational, but astounding. An authentic, unconventional yet practical mother, she has gone beyond mainstream parenting to the core of how to stay relevant in the 21st Century through conscious parenting. 

Karen Poh, Caregivers Alliance Limited (Mum with lived experience)

Karen Poh, Caregivers Alliance Limited (Mum with lived experience)

Karen has intimate knowledge and experience caring for her son who suffered from depression. With the help and support from the network of caregivers and staff from Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL), she was able to rebalance her life. For the last six years, she has passionately worked in CAL as a volunteer and now as a staff to journey with other caregivers, equipping and empowering them through training and support.  

Karen has a Bachelor in Nursing and is trained in basic counseling. She is also an ACTA-certified trainer.

Charmaine Jalleh, Counsellor, TOUCH Community Services

Charmaine Jalleh, Counsellor, TOUCH Community Services

Charmaine is a full-time counsellor at TOUCH Youth Intervention, a service of TOUCH Community Services.

Charmaine has been working with children and youths since 2019, ranging from counselling cases to groupwork facilitation. In TOUCH Youth Intervention, she works with children, youths, and families with presenting issues such as emotional and other behavioural issues. She has also been trained in Triple P and has facilitated parenting workshops. Charmaine also has experiences in working with youths and children from low-income families and disadvantaged family backgrounds.


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