Building Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Resilience : Dialogue Session

08 Sep 2021

Building Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Resilience : Dialogue Session



When we have physical discomforts or diabetes, most of us would not think twice about visiting the Polyclinic or family GP. But when we have mental health challenges, how many of us would readily seek professional help?

Hear from our panel on their experiences and learn about different types of mental health interventions. 

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Moderator and Youth with lived experience: , Rebound with Resilience

Kevin is a passionate speaker, podcaster and founder of Rebound with Resilience. Having lived through and overcome depression and mania, he developed a deep responsibility and drive for raising the resilience and mental wellness of our nation's youth. He has spoken in over 100 schools and organisations and hosts a podcast (Youtube/Spotify) where he shares resilience tips, and converses with experts in the field of mental wellness and guests with stories of struggle and overcoming. This gives him deep insights and resources to help others #reboundwithresilience
Doreen Kho, PleaseStay Movement - BTL FEST 2021 Doreen Kho
Co- Founder, PleaseStay Movement

Doreen Kho is a mother of four and a former CEO of a Korean beauty chain.  She co-founded the PleaseStay Movement after her 11-year-old son Evan died by suicide in 2017.  PleaseStay Movement is an advocacy group calling for more awareness and effort towards suicide prevention among youths.  Doreen believes that students’ mental wellbeing can be enhanced with a more compassionate school environment and better infrastructure for counselling in schools. She is always ready to lend her voice to break the stigma of mental illness and support youths to lead healthier lives.
Celynn Chang, Manager, Clinical Intervention Centre, Boys’ Town  - BTL FEST 2021

Celynn Chang
Manager, Clinical Intervention Centre, Boys’ Town

Celynn is the Manager of Boys’ Town Clinical Intervention Centre. She has 11 years of clinical experience working with children, youth and their families who have experienced a wide range of mental health and psycho-social issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, social and other behavioural challenges. Besides working with children and youth, she strongly believes in engaging parents as well as other stakeholders in the child’s system for the best therapeutic outcome.


Note: Kindly note that this session will be recorded for record-keeping and will also be put up for viewing online after the session.